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Shulamith Firestone and Monique Wittig

I've just had the following email exchange with a stranger whom I know nothing about other than that he wrote to me after visiting my website and he calls himself Tim:
Tim: Do you believe the reproductive system oppresses women?
Gayle: No, I believe laws and attitudes regarding it oppress women. Why do you ask? I find it weird that you'd need to.
Tim: Shulasmith [sic] Firestone and Monique Wittig thought that the reproductive system was the problem when it came to the oppression of women. And I noticed that you had a section on your web page on lesbian feminism.
Is this true? I haven't read any Shulamith Firestone, but I've read Monique Wittig's The Lesbian Body and a few other shorter pieces by her, and I never got that impression at all.

Edit: I'm still confused about exactly what Firestone said, but have received an excerpt from Wittig that directly contradicts this assertion.
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