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Review of a Review of a Review of a . . .

Hey, remember when I wrote a journal entry reviewing Jeffrey Eugenides's novel Middlesex? Well, aslant has written a review of my review, in which she pans my review just as much as I panned the book. And then I left comments reviewing (insofar as is possible with a ridiculously tiny comment form that only allows me to write one sentence per comment - tell me, why does anyone use Blogger anyway?) her review of my review. How many more steps do you think we need to take the reviewing-of-reviews process before we reach complete postmodern self-referentialism overload and everyone's brain explodes?

Oh, and I love this part:
Queerbychoice is a somewhat established voice of queer identity, with plenty of (garishly rainbow-y) websites to her name, as well as some minor claims to fame. I'm not claiming that her opinions on the book stand for the Greater Queer Community any more than I claim that my opinions speak for the Rest Of Us.
Well, that's good, because mistaking my opinions for being representative of the Greater Queer Community is roughly akin to mistaking Ziggy Stardust's fashion sense for being representative of How British Men in the Early '70s Usually Dressed. Believe me, most of the queer community is very relieved indeed that you refrained from claiming such a thing.
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