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"I start singing. What else do you do when someone's shooting at you?"

Although much of the American left was united in opposing invading Iraq in the first place, I think it's fair to say that we're much more uncertain about exactly what to do now that Iraq has already been invaded: if the U.S. leaves now, who will prevent new more violent, more oppressive people from taking over? But although the prospect of who else might take over and oppress Iraq next does worry me, articles like this one make it hard to imagine what on earth could possibly be a worse regime to live under than the U.S. regime is already being. The Taliban? I don't know - if it's a choice between being stoned to death by the Taliban as punishment for having been raped by other Taliban, or being shot to death by U.S. soldiers as punishment for happening to exist at all, I don't really see a lot of difference. Every day that the U.S. military remains in Iraq behaving like that just increases the likelihood of the Iraqi people to support any violent regime that fights against the existing violent U.S. one.

That article makes me ill. I was directed to it by heron61, who accompanied it with a warning about disturbing content. The warning was justified.
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