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People Who Share My Interests

The following is a meme that you should definitely not participate in if you have a lot of LiveJournal friends, because it takes far too long to collect the information, even though the results can be interesting. I speak from experience, having made the mistake of participating.

The meme consists of listing everyone on your friends list who has four or more interests in common with you and what those common interests are. The hope, I believe, is that those of you with many common interests will be delighted to find others who share many of the same common interests.

16 interests in common with me:
frankepi (anthropology, civil disobedience, david bowie, don delillo, ethics, first amendment, gore vidal, haruki murakami, human rights, identity, michel foucault, milan kundera, noam chomsky, queer by choice, queer theory, radicalism)

11 interests in common with me:
theobscure (atheism, caryl churchill, david bowie, ethics, human rights, langston hughes, morrissey, peter høeg, queer theory, r.e.m., sylvia plath)

10 interests in common with me:
brighton74 (bisexuality, dictionaries, fiction, free speech, identity, online relationships, queer by choice, queer theory, social constructionism, wanking)
dark_matter (anthropology, atheism, international baccalaureate, james baldwin, kate bornstein, leslie feinberg, pansexuality, queer theory, social constructionism, stephen jay gould)
eve_l_incarnata (arundhati roy, atheism, bell hooks, bisexuality, human rights, langston hughes, noam chomsky, salam pax, sapiosexuality, sherman alexie)
heresluck (adrienne rich, bell hooks, bisexuality, cats, james baldwin, pomosexuality, queer theory, queerness, salman rushdie, tony kushner)
lentrot (atheism, bisexuality, david bowie, human rights, morrissey, noam chomsky, patti smith, placebo, queer by choice, queer theory)

9 interests in common with me:
chisparoja (bisexuality, bonobos, cyberculture, human rights, john stoltenberg, pansexuality, peace, queer by choice, social constructionism)
wanderingrogue (atheism, bisexuality, cats, david bowie, human rights, peace, placebo, sherman alexie, sylvia plath)

8 interests in common with me:
inkstained (atheism, don delillo, human rights, morrissey, noam chomsky, patti smith, placebo, queer by choice)
lm (anthropology, bisexuality, david bowie, fiction, hermits, pansexuality, queer by choice, queer theory)
moominmuppet (bisexuality, david bowie, gender, kate bornstein, peace, reproductive rights, sapiosexuality, self-love)
sheamues (atheism, bell hooks, bisexuality, cats, gertrude stein, human rights, sewing, sylvia plath)

7 interests in common with me:
deadinmotion (michel foucault, morrissey, pansexuality, pet shop boys, placebo, queer theory, salman rushdie)
madcaptenor (atheism, bisexuality, gender, genderfuck, queer by choice, sapiosexuality, sylvia plath)
l_diggy (audre lorde, bell hooks, bisexuality, communication, haruki murakami, solitude, sylvia plath)
legolastn (cats, civil disobedience, gender, genderfuck, pansexuality, queer by choice, queer theory)

6 interests in common with me:
monkeydyke (adrienne rich, audre lorde, human rights, peace, reproductive rights, sylvia plath)
priedpeesh (adrienne rich, audre lorde, bell hooks, pansexuality, self-love, solitude)
sammka (cats, david bowie, drag, gender, kate bornstein, pomosexuality)
starstealingirl (banana yoshimoto, disabled rights, drag, kate bornstein, queer theory, sewing)

5 interests in common with me:
djpekky (bisexuality, david bowie, human rights, morrissey, patti smith)
exterra (audre lorde, cats, human rights, queer theory, solitude)
fflo (annie dillard, anthropology, bisexuality, cats, gertrude stein)
fromdistantstar (bisexuality, noam chomsky, not shaving, sewing, unschooling)
heron61 (bisexuality, david bowie, peace, polyfidelity, sapiosexuality)
maybelater (audre lorde, bell hooks, cats, leslie feinberg, queer theory)
melishma (audre lorde, communication, lillian faderman, r.e.m., salman rushdie)
noplacelikehome (atheism, bisexuality, ethics, radicalism, self-sufficiency)
princesswitch (bisexuality, cats, free speech, queer by choice, the boondocks)
purple_umbrella (bisexuality, human rights, not shaving, peace, sylvia plath)
rampling (atheism, bisexuality, cats, human rights, queer by choice)
seifaiden (atheism, cats, drag, gender abolition, placebo)
transientdyke (bell hooks, cats, gender, queer theory, reproductive rights)
v3g4n (bisexuality, ethics, human rights, noam chomsky, pansexuality)
yareach (atheism, bisexuality, cats, human rights, peace)

4 interests in common with me:
allyscully (atheism, john irving, salman rushdie, sapiosexuality)
cherryxriot (bisexuality, david bowie, placebo, sylvia plath)
datagrok (atheism, bisexuality, electronic frontier foundation, free speech)
decklin (bisexuality, david bowie, placebo, the boondocks)
dickon_edwards (emily dickinson, gertrude stein, morrissey, pet shop boys)
enile (arundhati roy, banana yoshimoto, patti smith, sylvia plath)
experimentego (david bowie, fighting sociobiology, genderfuck, queer theory)
insipidity (anthropology, atheism, bisexuality, r.e.m.)
lalenalefay (bisexuality, cats, david bowie, noam chomsky)
language_idling (bisexuality, david bowie, dictionaries, sewing)
misguideme (atheism, bisexuality, cats, independence)
tikisan (atheism, bisexuality, cats, gender)
trysha (cats, queer theory, sewing, solitude)
tumblingecho (cats, mary gaitskill, noam chomsky, peace)
zestifyingagent (atheism, drag, human rights, queer theory)
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