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Friendster and My Mother

Why does Friendster seem to have spontaneously erased my few existing testimonials sometime in the month or so since I last logged in? That wasn't very nice of it. Well, I don't like you either, Friendster - so there.

In other, cleverer news, my mother has declared her desire to receive "a classical music CD" for Mother's Day, to play in her car CD player. She made no specific requests at all about which classical music CD it should be, but it is very much in my best interests to provide her with one, since if she listens to classical music in her car, she will no longer listen to Dr. Laura in her car. So, I asked my mother whether she was requesting specifically a piece of classical music composed by a famous composer hundreds of years ago, or just any piece of music composed in any century that is classical style and played by an orchestra. She said she did not care what century it was composed in and for that matter she does not even care if it is jazz instead of classical. I suspect this means that all she really wants is an instrumental music CD, and that it does not really have to be jazz or classical, which would open up a lot more options (such as the album I'm currently listening to by Blue Man Group). However, I don't really need more options because I can work within the original specifications of "classical": I have bought her the "Heroes" Symphony and Low Symphony, composed by Philip Glass based around David Bowie's "Heroes" and Low albums. Ha, I have found a way to get my mother to listen to David Bowie all day long! I am very proud of myself.

[This entry was visible to friends only until after Mother's Day, but is now set to public because my mother knows what I got her now.]
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