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From the #QueerByChoice Chatroom on DALnet

__Dreamer: Winona is a nice name
__Dreamer: i'm going to change my name
__Dreamer: when i leave school
Gayle: to what?
Gayle: you can't be Winona, Dreamer
Gayle: you're not cut out for it
__Dreamer: no i dont wanna be
__Dreamer: i'm thinking of Emi but it's too juvenile
__Dreamer: i cant think of a good name for me
Gayle: you know why you can't be a Winona, though?
__Dreamer: cos its not me?
Gayle: 'cause Winona means "firstborn daughter"
__Dreamer: lol well Katie means pure
__Dreamer: which isn't true either
Gayle: your sister would have to be the Winona of the family though
lentrot: If I change sex I could be Winona
Gayle: lol Lentrot
__Dreamer: lol
__Dreamer: no
__Dreamer: oh yeah
Gayle: Dreamer, you could name yourself "impure" then
__Dreamer: haha
__Dreamer: i want something cool
__Dreamer: and unusual
Gayle: Impure is pretty cool and very unusual
__Dreamer: lol it's a little fucked up :0)
Gayle: lol and so are you :-p
__Dreamer: lol
__Dreamer: i know
__Dreamer: "hi i'm impure"
Gayle: Lentrot, let's just start calling her Impure from now on
lentrot: lol ok
* __Dreamer grins
Gayle: and you can be Imp for short!
lentrot: lol
__Dreamer: haha
__Dreamer: cute Gayle
Gayle: and so are you :-)
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