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Ooh look, the one day per year where I'm allowed to add money to my retirement IRA has come around again! Only three decades left till I get to retire. Maybe I should make an advent calendar to count down the days . . . I'd just have to cut 10,950 little doors in sheets of construction paper and place 10,950 little cut-out surprise images behind the doors. Think of how much closer I'd be to retirement by the time I finished making the calendar! Oh wait, except I'm not going to have sufficient free time to waste on things like that until after I retire. And probably not then either, if I have the good sense to find better things to spend my time on.

Recently the owner of my company passed out envelopes contiaining the information about the total amount of money spent on us by the company - not just salary but also the cost of health care and other insurance benefits. He said he "wanted us to know," presumably so that we will feel more appreciative of what we're already getting and not dare to ask for more. I have decided to outwit this clever plot by just never opening the envelope. Ha, now I can go on feeling just as free to complain about my salary as before! Guilt-tripping me would work a lot better if they didn't inform me ahead of time that there's nothing in the envelope that I actually need to read.
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