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The Obesity Myth

Fair warning: This is long. It's probably longer than most LJ-hyperlinked pages you actually bother reading all of. But I request that you find the time to read the whole thing anyway, because it's important, and it's good for you, which the banner ads all over the internet depicting professional supermodels wrapping measuring tapes around their waists as though the amount of fat that requires a measuring tape to even figure out whether it's there or not is even visible much less unhealthy are not.
Also, who better than the many QBC people reading my journal to be interested in exposing ridiculously unquestioned pseudoscience that's been probably even more successfully popularized than the "gay gene" pseudoscience?

Two Chapters from The Obesity Myth

It's got some very good commentary on racism in there too. Oh yes, and thanks very much to fflo for passing this on to me.
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