Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote,
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loud loud LOUD thunder and the sky keeps flashing purple bright as daylight then suddenly BLACK my power shut off

I couldn't find my flashlight didn't remember where I'd last left it and I have no matches here no anything so I just kept feeling around for the flashlight in the dark but I couldn't find it I couldn't

so I opened all the blinds up to the ceiling to let the lightning in so I could see a little in flashes not enough to be useful but it was something to look at so I laid on my bed next to the window and stared and stared at the sky

but there's more than that

between the sky's growls and quieter beneath the purple flashing sky much dimmer almost unnoticed the rooftops have started a slow trickling like a mossy rainforest I'd like to listen to

make the sky stop growling so I can listen better to the quiet

but no no the sky is angry now because my power came back and I stopped paying attention to it now it's jealous and angrier than ever before

::goes back to lying on the bed watching the sky::
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