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Go Tell John Kerry's Campaign Your Opinions, and Pretend He Cares

brienf just pointed out that a group supporting John Kerry is conducting a survey of what issues progressive voters want Kerry to address, whose data they will send to the John Kerry campaign. The survey is awfully frustratingly worded at some points though, and left me wanting to scream, "All of the above, damn it, I need an ALL of the above option!" on questions like this:
Which of the following best describes YOUR position on the best way to prevent TERRORISM:
1) The U.S. needs to take a genuinely neutral leadership role in resolving the Palestine-Israel conflict.
2) The U.S. needs to focus on the root causes of terrorism - ignorance, poverty and oppression. Spend more of our anti-terrorism budget on education, diplomacy and humanitarian assistance.
3) The U.S. needs to become energy independent.
4) The War on Terrorism should not be dealt with as a military issue or even called a War.
5) None of the above.
I mean, come on. These should not be mutually exclusive options here.

And it was really scary how on the last page when the survey asks whether you'd be more likely or less likely to vote for Kerry if he named various specific people to cabinet positions, they included a Republican as someone he could potentially name. Granted, John McCain is no George Bush, but still. It just kind of epitomized the whole question of just which political party John Kerry really belongs to.
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