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So, I Guess I Will Eventually Get Around to Making a Ronald Reagan Post Just Like Everybody Else

I have four hours off work this morning! Yesterday the owner of my company came into my office to inform me that he was giving us all the morning off "so you can watch President Reagan's burial." I had immense difficulty suppressing my laughter at the idea that I would actually spend my free time doing that.

Incidentally, Noam Chomsky, who's old enough to remember, says that there hasn't been anywhere near this much fuss over the deaths of any other president he can remember except for Kennedy, and in Kennedy's case of course the reason for the fuss was that he'd been assassinated while still President. I wouldn't know, because the only other president whose death I remember is Nixon, and although I know there wasn't this much fuss over Nixon's death, there could be reasons specific to Nixon for that.

I do wonder exactly how much longer Bush can possibly get away with hiding nearly every trace of his own identity on his own campaign website behind a humongous picture of Reagan. I guess Bush figured out that nobody likes him anymore so the best thing he can do is put on a big grinning Reagan mask and hope nobody recognizes the eyes looking through the eyeholes as being his.
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