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Calling All Non-Americans (Not to Be Confused with Un-Americans)

In a recent comment on my journal, Mikie suggested some revolutionary new methods for improving the American governmental system, including the following:
Americans should not be allowed to vote in American elections. Europeans should vote for the American government in their stead, until such time as the US media has become sufficiently freed from government controls and their schools wrested from the propaganda mill that the American public can even know enough about the world they live in to have a meaningful opinion about anything. This will also require that the Americans introduce a new system of government known as democracy in place of their bizarre two-party oligarchy.
It now appears that Mikie is not the only person to come up with an idea along these lines. In fact, Loz recently pointed out that there is in fact a website now conducting The U.S. Election for the Rest of the World: an election in which only people who reside anywhere other than the United States are allowed to vote on who should become the next U.S. President. Currently, Ralph Nader holds a small lead over John Kerry, and Bush is barely even in the running at all. Unfortunately my own preferred candidate, Dennis Kucinich, is handicapped by the fact that the website owner cruelly neglected to include him on the ballot until hundreds of frustrated voters conducted a write-in campaign to get him added, but now he's on the ballot. I'd like to help give him some more votes, but of course as an American living in America I'm not allowed voting rights in this election.

Are you a non-American? Or even, like Mikie, an American currently living outside the U.S.? Go exercise your voting rights! Vote in The U.S. Election for the Rest of the World, and show us Americans how voting ought to be done.
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