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Californians for Same-Sex Marriage: Governor Schwarzenegger's Phone Poll

Make your voice heard! Especially if you live in California . . . I have no idea whether the system bothers checking what state callers are calling from. I suppose it's likely. (But I do know it can't tell whether you're old enough to vote yet! So for once, you high school students get a voice in politics.) Anyway: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a phone poll for the electorate.

Call: (916) 445-2841

On the phone tree, Press #5 for "Hot Issues."

Press #1 for Same Sex Marriage.

Press #1 to support same-sex marriage in California.

There are also other "Hot Issues" you can express your opinion to him about, but unfortunately as soon as you express your opinion on one of them, the system rudely hangs up on you so you have to call seven separate times if you want to express your opinion on seven issues.
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