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Apparently, I am a member of 1 clique of size 5:
queerbychoice, chisparoja, leex, rhekarid, sankta
(Plus 22 other cliques of size 5, but those all involve dead journals or multiple journals by the same person, so I don't consider them to count so much)

Plus 6 cliques of size 4 but with 2 of my journals involved so they appear to be size 5:
queerbychoice, gaylemadwin, frankepi, chisparoja, lentrot.
queerbychoice, gaylemadwin, frankepi, chisparoja, theobscure.
queerbychoice, gaylemadwin, chisparoja, lentrot, transliberation.
queerbychoice, gaylemadwin, chisparoja, transliberation, leex.
queerbychoice, gaylemadwin, chisparoja, chaiwala, exterra.
queerbychoice, gaylemadwin, sammka, trysha, saxifrage.

Find the largest clique containing:
(Enter your livejournal username here).

(A "clique" in this context is defined as any group whose members have all included all of the other members on their LiveJournal friends list.)
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