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Avatars and Dolls

uko_chan and silverchan directed me to a new doll maker and I made this:

This is actually an extremely good likeness of me. I've definitely owned clothes that looked virtually exactly like that, and my hairstyle is exactly like that (at least when I tie it back, which is slightly more often than not). Though like silverchan, I did use an art program to adjust the hair color to be slightly more exact. And I adjusted the eye color too, because all these silly doll/avatar/illustration generator things have this frustrating idea that everybody's eyes fall into one of three neat little categories: blue, green, or brown. Mine are somewhere between blue and green and the pre-drawn eye selection never includes any that really resemble them.

The most disturbing thing about this doll maker is that with however many gazillion options for every single other conceivable thing on earth, I can't find a single option anywhere for changing skin color. Did I just overlook that somehow? Well, and there's also the fact that although I did find options for adding beards or facial stubble, I couldn't find any option for removing breasts.

Meanwhile, rekraft directed me to the Yahoo avatar generator (or more accurately, I'd stumbled on it all by myself a while ago but rekraft reminded me of its existence and spurred me to try to actually get something out of it). This one was much harder to coax into resembling me, because it has far fewer options, and I actually ended up drawing the glasses, much of the outfit, and much of the hair myself, just sort of taking the Yahoo avatar as a vague starting point.

I've seen several people complain that all the doll/avatar/illustration generator things tend to make everybody look ultra-ultra-skinny and not allow any way to adjust this. I'm having a sort of related problem with a lot of them: it's not that I'm not fairly skinny, but I am female, and this includes having a female bone structure, which is to say that I have hips. Why do the auto-generated figures so often have no hips at all? In the top picture here I didn't actually find this to be a problem at least after I picked out clothes, because the particular clothes I picked managed to sufficiently hide the lack of hips that the doll representation of me didn't end up looking especially wrong-shaped - although if I were a pants-wearing kind of person, the pants would have made the doll look too hipless to resemble me properly. But in the Yahoo avatar thing, no matter what clothes I picked, the woman simply has no hips at all. (I didn't adjust the hips in the picture above, so you can see how abnormally hipless she is. Female hips are usually at least as wide as breasts, often of similar width to shoulders. Hers are very much not, and if not for the blending of a tree branch on the left side of her with her hip, her body would look more instantly recognizably wrong-shaped than it already does.)

Then there's the ABI-Station full-body icon maker, in which the silly things all came out so hipless that I ended up using an art program to add about three pixels on each side of my hips before they actually looked big enough to me, on a body that's barely more than six pixels wide to begin with:

That's the adjusted version, with hips drawn in. See, they're not abnormally huge hips I'm asking for, either! But the silly icon generator things do not seem to comprehend the idea that females have hips. If it was just one or two of the icon generator things that did this, I would conclude that those particular icon generator things were just designed by artists who had an unusually weak grasp of female anatomy. But it's not just one or two of them. So I think they must do it because they think it looks better, because they think that the hot fashion trend is to not settle for merely starving oneself to extreme boniness but also surgically remove three inches of hip bone from each side of our pelvises. And I would just like to announce that this is very disturbing, so PLEASE GIVE MY HIPS BACK.
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