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Random Cross-Section of My Websurfing

A meme from madcaptenor: Press each letter in the address bar of your browser and list what the auto-complete function jumps to first. <-- Exactly what the URL says it is. <-- This is a blog. I don't know the guy, but bpt pointed out the blog to me and then I noticed that he says "I am queer by choice" in the upper left corner of every page, so I decided I should read it. It's syndicated at buggerydotorg. <-- Bread recipes. <-- I looked up the definition of the word "palaver." <-- I was looking at job openings in California. <-- One of my eyes was experiencing strange periods of short-term blurriness. After two days it stopped doing that. I think it was just eye irritation from a very minor infection. <-- A left-wing Australian weekly newspaper. <-- Here I was researching David Bowie's health problems. Because, you know, that's important. <-- I was practicing my Spanish vocabulary. <-- Self-explanatory. <-- Kate Millett is a queer novelist. Those of you who subscribe to my queer by choice mailing list will know what I was doing on her website. The rest of you can just sit around wondering. <-- You know what this is. Right? <-- This is some random guy with a girlfriend and two kids who writes books complaining that his girlfriend is crazy even though he has stayed with her for well over a decade and has no intention of leaving because he doesn't actually mind her - he just likes to make fun of her strangeness and argumentativeness and get sympathy for having to put up with it. <-- Look, it's the BBC News website. You're probably already acquainted with it. <-- A queer newspaper from Chile. In Spanish. <-- What on Earth was I looking at lists of Greek goddesses for? Oh wait, I remember - it was when I was looking for names for my parents' kitten, who eventually got named Molly. <-- This is a short computer game designed to promote the band the Polyphonic Spree, whom I saw live when they were opening for David Bowie this past April. I found the game via a link to a related game that ankie recommended. <-- Woody Guthrie had no desire to defend his songs' copyrights. <-- Unfortunately, unlike the Subservient Chicken, the Subservient President does not actually do anything you say ever, unless you happen to be an oil company executive. blahflowers sent me to this. <--News article about children in India who were burned to death in a school fire. Includes picture of a burned survivor with his mother. His mother happens to be absolutely stunningly beautiful and also I so want to own a dress like hers. <-- News article about Lori Hacking being murdered by her husband. <-- carnivee's other blog. <-- trysha linked me to this, because it contains a rare instance of George W. Bush actually telling the truth for a change. About two thirds of the way down the page, he says: "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." <-- Another Lori Hacking article. <-- The biggest English-language newspaper in the nation of Yemen. I was updating my list of international news sources in my journal's sidebar. <-- The first Turkish newspaper to be made available on the internet. Again, I was updating my list of international news sources in my journal's sidebar.
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