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Why I Do Not Support the Green Party

I'm a registered member of the Peace & Freedom Party. Some people have asked me why I do not support the Green Party, because it's a far larger left-wing third party in the U.S. than the Peace & Freedom Party is. I would like to recommend that those people, and anyone else who actually cares about democracy, read the article "Rigged Convention, Divided Party: How David Cobb Became the Green Nominee Even Though He Only Got 12 Percent of the Votes".

As angry as I am that the Democratic Party has nominated for president a pro-war anti-same-sex-marriage Skull & Bones member who not only voted for but actually helped write sections of the USA PATRIOT Act and whose convention absolutely forbade all antiwar statements despite the fact that 90% of Democrats are antiwar, I don't honestly have any confidence whatsoever that the Green Party is any less corrupt. At all. Unfortunately, this leaves the huge majority of American voters with no worthwhile candidates who are actually listed on the ballot in their states.
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