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Katrina & Trysha's Wedding

Katrina and Trysha are getting married today! And I made them a present. Except I didn't actually finish making it in time to send it to them yet, because this is the first thing I've ever cross-stitched (in fact, the particular light brown stitch that's furthest in the upper left corner is the very first individual cross stitch I've ever stitched) so my ability to estimate how long it would take was a bit off. So they have to settle for a photograph of it for now. But it is in progress and it is going to be beautiful. It is 12 inches by 14 inches.

The really pale blue markings you can see in some places are guidelines for stitches I haven't yet stitched. You can't really tell completely from this photograph what it's going to look like when it's finished. I started with a storebought cross-stitch pattern, but made a considerable number of changes to the pattern, including the fact that I'm not using any of the colored threads that came with the pattern - the pattern was designed for very dingy pale greyish-pink flowers and pale greyish-green leaves and just no bright colors at all anywhere, but I am a bright colors person so I replaced all the provided thread colors with my own. And obviously I replaced the utterly cliche stupid words that had been provided for me with my own, and then I had to rearrange a few of the flowers slightly to fit in more words than the pattern was originally designed for. I found a copy of the original pattern online and made all the same changes to it so you can see a little better what it will actually look like when it's done:

Actually I altered the photograph at the beginning of this entry to fill in more letters than I've actually stitched yet: I've actually stitched "May your marriage . . ." but I drew in the rest of the writing on the top half for the purpose of this entry (so if Katrina and Trysha would like to request any different wording, there's still time to accommodate requests - and then I expect to finish stitching all the words within the next few days). I've already stitched the date, but I'm not done with their names yet and haven't fully decided yet whether to fill in their names with reddish-orangeish colors or with bluish-greenish ones, or possibly one name each way, as the sketch here shows (so I'm open to requests there too).
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