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Searching for jobs is rather more time consuming than I had remembered. I'm now disposed to be far more forgiving than before of my failure to conduct any significant job searching back while I was still employed.

I also want to make use of my unemployment to start doing major creative writing again. You'd think that ceasing to work 40 hours per week would have produced a significant increase in my volume of free time, but I'm having trouble observing any increase.

Yesterday I drove to my parents' house to have dinner with them and my brother and my grandparents and my Aunt Kitty, who lives in Washington D.C. but has been visiting my grandparents since just before their 60th anniversary celebration. I spent most of my time there petting the kitten, Molly, who is a bit bigger than last time I saw her but still clearly non-adult. Her personality is unchanged - utterly unafraid of anybody, but utterly unwilling to be held or sit still except when asleep or nearly asleep - but since her legs are bigger, she is now much harder to catch and makes much more of a racket zooming from one end of the house to the other for ten hours nonstop before abruptly collapsing into exhausted sleep for one hour, to be followed by ten more hours of zooming. At least the 16-year-old cat, Daisy, has recovered from her kidney infection and is now slightly more capable of avoiding kitten pounces.

heron61 recently linked to The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11 and I have to agree with him that it provides some information I hadn't seen before, if you take the time to follow all the links. That does not mean I agree with the idea (advanced in some of the links) that the Bush administration actively hired Al-Qaeda to fly planes into the WTC (Why on earth would the Bush administration need to take a stupid risk of being caught at something that outrageous when it's so obviously easier to merely be guilty of not trying very hard to stop Al-Qaeda from doing that on their own initiative???), but I think there's enough factually verifiable information there to make the links worth sifting through, at least if you have a little time on your hands.

In other news, for anyone who didn't already know it: Mikie is the single most beautiful, kind, loyal, brilliant human being on earth and I adore em.
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