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Interviews from eslington and imperfectmanx

eslington interviews me:

1: What is Autogamy? Pomosexuality?

Autogamy is self-marriage. See lalenalefay's wedding pictures for an excellent example.

Pomosexuality is the title of a book, and stands for postmodern sexuality, meaning an approach to sexuality that rejects rigid fixed categories.

2: Is that a face I see in the purple bit of your swirly icon?

A face? Where? I don't see it. The icon was actually made from a photograph of a rainbow in the sky. In addition to the rainbow, the photograph also contained an oil tower; the shadowy lines you can see in the orangey swirl of my icon are what remained of the bars of the oil tower after I swirled the picture around.

3: What political issue is most important to you at this very moment?

Stopping the U.S. government from killing people is probably most important to me right now. Some other political issues that are of extremely major importance to me and that I usually feel better qualified to actually do anything about than the above are promoting nonbiological ideas about sexual preference, promoting egalitarian concepts of what is erotic, and abolishing gendered language and roles.

4: Favourite book?

My favorite books have, at various times, included Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker, Ida: A Novel by Gertrude Stein, and When I Was Five I Killed Myself by Howard Buten, in that order. The last one is the one I most commonly name as my favorite these days, but I'm also extremely fond of books by Kobo Abe, James Baldwin, Amy Bloom, Ralph Ellison, Peter Høeg, John Irving, Milan Kundera, Chang-rae Lee, Li Yu, Audre Lorde, Anchee Min, Haruki Murakami, Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie, Leo Tolstoy, Gore Vidal, Richard Wright, Banana Yoshimoto . . . I could go on, but you would stop paying attention.

5: Would you rather be immortal or have the ability to fly?

Really, how can this even be a question at all? First of all, the only thing I can think of that I would prefer over immortality would be a godlike power to eliminate all the world's problems myself. Second, making use of the ability to fly might require exercise, which I never do, so even if I had the ability to fly I would just drive my car instead and never fly at all.

imperfectmanx interviews me:

1. What would you consider the most important thing to you, besides family and friends?

The most important thing to me - and it outranks even family and friends - is being able to do something or other to improve the general welfare of humanity.

2. What would your perfect meal consist of?

Didn't I already answer this for axbesm_starr? Pasta-roni. I have boring taste buds.

3. Pet peeves, any?

To be classified as a "pet peeve," does my peeve have to be trivial? Because I have no shortage of issues that infuriate me to the point of explosion, but they tend to be rather major issues, like the entire U.S. government. The only trivial issue that comes to mind that gets on my nerves on a frequent basis is the tendency of many many many many people on my LiveJournal friends list to substitute an incorrect homonym for various words in expressions they frequently use. Examples that come to mind (and no, I don't at all remember who said what, and in most cases I think several dozen people have said them, so nobody needs to feel personally singled out) include:
  • "once and a while" (should be "once in a while")
  • "low and behold" (should be "lo and behold")
  • "it didn't phase me" (should be "it didn't faze me")
  • "she lead me upstairs" (should be "she led me upstairs")

  • "it peaked my interest" (should be "it piqued my interest")
  • "to make due with" (should be "to make do with")
  • "waiting with baited breath" (should be "waiting with bated breath") (I added this to the list at sankta's suggestion)
  • "for all intensive purposes" (should be "for all intents and purposes") (I added this to the list at donutgirl's and disi's suggestion)
  • "could of" (should be "could have" or "could've") (I added this at dzuunmod's suggestion)
Oh, and I don't understand how or when the accepted spelling of whoa suddenly got replaced in the minds of the huge majority of people under 30 with the new spelling of woah, but I'm still clinging old-fashionedly to the old spelling. I'm an editor, okay? Well, an unemployed ex-editor. I like things to be spelled in accordance with the actual dictionary spelling, and my dictionary does not accept woah as a valid alternate spelling of whoa. So there.

(At this point I have managed to annoy 99% of all people reading this, because they all prefer their variant unaccepted spellings.)

4. In your perfect world, what would be the biggest difference one would expect to see, with respect to the world as it is?

Well, the first difference you would probably notice when just walking down on the street in an average city would be that nobody would use gendered pronouns anymore.

5. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? In 10?

Honestly, I fear to guess because I fear to disappoint myself. I would ideally like at some point to have somebody to live happily ever after with, and to write novels, or at least one novel, and to not have to work at unpleasant jobs anymore. But I'm not really all that sure how realistic any of these hopes are.
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