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Somebody Make the Nazis Go Away, Please

The news reports on the Beslan school siege are very confusing. Some articles are saying there were only two women among the 30+ hostage takers (and others say "at least two, possibly four women" were involved) and that the leader was a man, which appears to contradict the article I cited yesterday. I do not know who is wrong or who is lying. I think it is in the Russian government's best interest for them to be mostly men, because the public might have more sympathy for widows. Certainly it's in the Russian government's best interest for them to have been Arabs, but I think it's become pretty clear at this point that contrary to earlier reports, none of the hostage takers were Arab. Their genders, however, are not so clear to me yet. I guess we'll find out eventually. One hopes.

In other news, there is a new LiveJournal community called queerfiction and I like how it's set up and some of the people in it, so I was feeling very enthusiastic about it. But then I clicked on one of the random people who joined it and discovered she is a lesbian Nazi. A real Nazi, not the "feminazi" kind! And she leaves approving comments in response to horribly disturbing racist posts like this one in the horribly disturbing racist white_racialism community she's a member of. I suppose really this should not affect my enjoyment of the queerfiction community, since she's only one random member and has no authority over it . . . but it does affect my enjoyment, not only of the community but of life in general, just to know that people like that exist. Among lesbians! And they feel free to join general-interest lesbian literature communities that have nothing to do with Naziism! I'm disturbed now. Make the Nazis go away, please.

So to make myself feel better, I went and advertised my prisons/slave plantations icon in 1cons. Unfortunately a racist dirrtysuthrngrl there didn't care for it. Now I remember why I so rarely venture outside my own personal LiveJournal enclave: the world outside of it is a very unpleasant place.
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