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Frank is leaving on the train for Santa Barbara tomorrow to take care of some business related to his father's death last February. He'll be gone for most of October and I've spent the entire day today stumbling around in a mushy-headed daze thinking about how much I love him.

I don't know if I'll hear anything from him until he gets back home. In the past when he's gone away I've asked him to get in touch with me while away, but then he spends half his trip in a panic because he can't reach me and is afraid of disappointing me, and then when he does get through I get all shy like it's been so long that he's a stranger now and I don't re-remember how to really talk to him until a few weeks after he's returned home. So this time I purposely didn't ask him to get in touch; if he finds it convenient he will and if he doesn't find it convenient he won't. I didn't want to impose it on him.
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