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Look, Mind-Boggling Gender Idiocy! What Else Is New?

You know, it's bad enough that a survey conducted by the European Men’s Health Forum found that half the men surveyed "thought that women had a prostate but they just did not have as many problems with it as men" and that "the majority thought that chlamydia, the most common sexually transmitted infection in the UK, was a type of edible shellfish."

Yes, I'd say that's plenty bad enough. But you know what manages to get even worse than that?

For a start, there's the fact that the European Men’s Health Forum itself, in their efforts to help cure this ignorance, has decided that the only way to get men to understand women's health is to put the lessons in the form of a "car manual," "using motoring jargon to take them under the female bonnet."

But no, that isn't the worst of it either. It gets even more worse after that. See, one of the lessons that these supposed experts are trying to get the word out about in order to help supposedly alleviate men's ignorance of women's health is the "fact" that, "Men's brains work differently to women's. They want to ask a question and get an answer."

Uh, right. I happen to also like being able to ask a question and get an answer. And don't give me any John Gray "Women Are from Venus" nonsense about how I supposedly complain about problems wanting only expressions of sympathy and not suggested solutions, because in my experience it's overwhelmingly been me who does the suggesting of solutions and is perplexed when people fail to appreciate that and complain that all they wanted was sympathy.

It would be really nice if the very experts out to alleviate ignorance were not themselves spreading greater ignorance instead.
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