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Interview by yareach

(You've probably seen the rules by now . . . leave a comment if you want to be interviewed, etc.)

1. What is your favorite type of weather?
70 degrees with a very slight breeze.

2. You will be placed on a deserted island forever, but you may take any person (currently alive) with you. Who and why?
Mikie, because we've already spend enough time together for long enough that I can say with confidence that if being stuck on a deserted island together were going to drive us crazy we'd probably already have been driven crazy long ago. (Plus, ey just wrote me something so incredibly sweet today that I fear to explode from excessive lovedness.)

3. What is your favorite name for a girl? for a guy?
You forgot to ask about genderfree beings. My favorite name for a genderfree being is Jubil. I made that up as a name for a fictional character once (I shortened "jubilant"). I also like Morgan (Welsh for "dweller by the sea"), Robin ("of shining fame"), Taylor ("tailor"), and Oriel (Latin for "golden"), which my name book told me is theoretically a female name, but it doesn't seem gendered to me so I wouldn't hesitate to give it to anybody. As for gendered names, hmm . . . I'm sort of fond of Alice ("truth"), Edwin ("valuable friend"), Ianthe ("purple flower"), Irene ("peace"), Iris ("rainbow"), Julian ("youthful"), Keith ("dweller in the forest"), Kevin ("kind and gentle"), Lorraine ("famous in war"), Madeline ("tower of strength"), Madison ("son of a mighty battle maiden"), Meredith ("protector from the sea"), Seraphine ("ardent"), Terrence ("tender"), Violet ("shy"), Vivian ("lively") . . . why yes, I did get out my book of names and search through it for ideas.

4. What is your favourite quote of all time?
I hate the "of all time" type questions because I usually don't have an absolute consistent #1 choice and the wording of the question makes me feel like that's not okay. But I will just give you a quote I like that I don't think I've quoted in my journal before.
He said, "I know this woman Iman who I think you'd get along with—" and I interrupted him right there: "You know a woman who's a man? I must meet this person!"
—David Bowie, explaining how a friend set him up for his first date with his wife Iman, in a 1993 interview (Note: it works better with a British accent.)
5. Coffee or tea?
Orange juice, please. I can't stand either one of them.
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