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A Sudden Miraculous Flash Like Transubstantiation

"I turned on CNN a few days ago and a White House robot announced that the rebels in Chechnya 'were' no longer freedom fighters but 'are' now terrorists with 'clear' links to Osama bin Laden.

CNN provided no details about whether the transformation occurred in a sudden miraculous flash like the transubstantiation of the host in a Catholic mass, or happened slowly and gradually like Darwinian evolution."

from Robert Anton Wilson, discovered via DeathByStereo
I loved that.

In other news, I just informed my mother via email that I will not be coming over this weekend. I didn't get around to the "or ever" part yet, but the "this weekend" part will be sufficiently shocking to her that it's only a matter of a very short time now before I get interrogated in distinctly uncomfortable ways.

I sense my resolve building and steeling itself a bit now. But I'm still terrified. Somebody hug me please.

Oh, and one good thing happened today. I discovered and fell in love with the Queer Liberation Front - a direct action organization named, intentionally I believe, after the Gay Liberation Front of the 1970s, and which promotes the idea "that gender, sex, and sexuality are fluid and limitless rather than fixed and limited" (an idea which the Gay Liberation Front also supported). I want everybody on my friends list to go out and immediately form a local cell of the QLF.
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