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If nothing else, my hat's off to Kerry for refusing to concede. [Edited to add: Never mind, my hat's thoroughly back on. Unity, schmunity. I don't care how nonexistent his chance might have been, he should have prolonged the fight just to build up more resentment for the sake of revenge against what Bush did. Damn spineless Democrats.]

I'm working on a "reasons to go on living/what to do now" post, but since Bush showed last time that one can win an election without actually getting the largest number of votes, just by projecting a strong enough confident attitude, far be it from me to interfere with Kerry's so far very skillful display of confident attitude by posting anything pessimistic-sounding while there's still any doubt left.

Ohio has 175,000-250,000 provisional/absentee ballots still uncounted, mostly from pro-Kerry geographic areas.
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