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Preparing for War

My coming-out letter is tentatively scheduled to be written and snail-mailed on Saturday, to arrive at my parents' house on Monday or Tuesday. There are reasons for the timing - the tricky questions have already arrived in my email box so I can't put off answering them too long, but the rest of my family is having an extended family gathering on Sunday so I'm aiming to let them say comfortably rude things about my absence while together there, but to also let them focus primarily on the other family issues there before becoming aware of mine.

I've heard two songs on the radio today which I identified with. Just for the record, I'm definitely not very fond of Whitney Houston's voice, and for that matter her lyrics aren't entirely brilliant works of literature either (nor Madonna's lyrics either - though of the two, I certainly prefer Madonna); but I'm in a sappy mood today and I just identified with the sentiment.

Whitney Houston: "The Greatest Love of All"
Madonna: "Live to Tell"

Also, to all of you people who are attempting to carry on discussions, debates, or any other form of communication with me at the moment: I'm extremely BUSY at the moment and I really can't spare the time or energy to debate you right now. I'll answer you later. Brenna is first in line, Wynn is second, and anybody else wishing to debate me comes later. People wishing simply to agree with and/or express affection for me, however, are always welcome, anytime.
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