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Various Horrifying Quotes About Iraq's and America's Current Political Situations

I have a collection of political snippets sitting on my screen that I've been meaning to mention, and I'd like to get them off my screen now, so I guess that means it's time for a post. Where shall we start? Iraq? Yes, let's start with Iraq. In the article "Counterinsurgency Run Amok" by Pepe Escobar in Asia Times, I found the following:
Al-Jazeera continues to apologize for not offering more in-depth coverage, always reminding its viewers that its Baghdad bureau was shut down indefinitely by Allawi in August. But many in the Arab world saw its interview with Dr Asma Khamis al-Muhannadi of Fallujah's general hospital, invaded and "captured" by the marines. She confirmed that "we were tied up and beaten despite being unarmed and having only our medical instruments"; and that the hospital was targeted by bombs and rockets during the initial siege of Fallujah. When the marines came she "was with a woman in labor. The umbilical cord had not yet been cut. At that time, a US soldier shouted at one of the [Iraqi] National Guards to arrest me and tie my hands while I was helping the mother to deliver. I will never forget this incident in my life."

Crucially, Dr al-Muhannadi also confirmed that American snipers killed more than 17 Iraqi doctors who had mobilized to answer an appeal from Fallujah's doctors broadcast on al-Jazeera: information on the massacre has been circulating in Baghdad for days. Amnesty International, based on the account of a doctor at the scene, says that 20 Fallujah medical staff and dozens of civilians were killed when an American missile destroyed a clinic on November 9.
Because hey, smart American soldiers cleverly discerned that the woman giving birth might have been just pretending to have an infant head and shoulders protruding from her vagina! For all those American soldiers knew, that might have been a bomb cleverly disguised as a baby still in the process of being born!

How have we reached this degree of idiocy? The idiocy of our media certainly helped. The article "Iraq, the Press and the Election" by Michael Massing in Mother Jones brings us this example of just how idiotic the American media can be:
For analysis, CNN leaned heavily on safe, establishment-friendly voices, including many of the same retired military officers who appeared in the run-up to the war. On October 15, for instance, former General George Joulwan discussed with Wolf Blitzer the need for Americans to do a better job of explaining to Muslims how much they'd done for them over the years. Blitzer agreed: "I don't think a lot of Muslims understand that over the past fifteen years, every time the U.S. has gone to war, whether in Kuwait, or Somalia, or Kosovo, or Bosnia, or Afghanistan or Iraq, it's to help Muslims." Joulwan: "We've saved tens of thousands of them. We need to understand that, and so do our Muslim friends."
Um, right. I especially like how instances of the U.S. blowing up one group of Muslims for the supposed good of another group of Muslims somehow count as the U.S. swooping to the rescue of "the Muslims."

Okay, so why are the American media so idiotic? Well, we all know that the mainstream American media are owned by corporate conglomerates that also do business in many other industries . . . all of which are rushing to profit from American control of Iraq. As seen in this lovely tidbit from "Iraqi Farmers Aren't Celebrating World Food Day":
As part of sweeping "economic restructuring" implemented by the Bush Administration in Iraq, Iraqi farmers will no longer be permitted to save their seeds. Instead, they will be forced to buy seeds from US corporations -- including seeds the Iraqis themselves developed over hundreds of years. That is because in recent years, transnational corporations have patented and now own many seed varieties originated or developed by indigenous peoples. In a short time, Iraq will be living under the new American credo: Pay Monsanto, or starve.
Lastly, the article "Why Isn't Kerry Using $50M Unspent Campaign Money to Fund Recounts?" brings us a tale of just how very little John Kerry apparently ever wanted to be president of this mess in the first place:
AMY GOODMAN: We're talking to David Cobb, Green Party presidential candidate for 2004. I want to know if you have talked to the Democratic Party about what they're doing with their money, looking at the report from the Center for Public Integrity they did a day before the election. John Kerry has $51 million left. That is more than any presidential candidate ever had. He has, I think, George Bush had something around $25 million. So, he has about, oh, or $27 million. He has about $17 million more than George Bush. Compare $51 million to what Gore had after 2000. He had something like $3-something million. Center for Public Integrity asked the Kerry campaign what they were going to do with this money. They refused to say. But have you been in communication with them? Have they talked about putting some of this money into recount efforts?

DAVID COBB: No, we haven't had a formal conversation with the Kerry campaign. . . . we do know that the $50 million is available. We do know that it would be available for recounts, but so far there's been a deafening silence on the part of the Kerry campaign. I do want to make a distinction here between the leadership of the Democratic Party and the rank and file members of the Democratic Party, the rank and file members of the Democratic Party on this issue seem to be howling with indignation and are -- we're getting words of support and emails and letters of encouragement. I'm not surprised, because the rank and file members of the Democratic Party are infinitely more progressive than the leadership of the Democratic Party or of John Kerry.
Honestly, how much more pathetic can you get than losing a stunningly close election by leaving a record-setting amount of your campaign money sitting in the bank unspent???? Don't you think it could have occurred to him in seeing how closet the polls were that maybe it would be a good idea to spend all his damn campaign money???? And isn't it just oh so generous of him that now that the campaign is over he's keeping all those donations from hardworking left-wingers in his bank while David Cobb, Michael Badnarik, and Ralph Nader all have to collect entirely new donations from the pockets of those same hardworking not-half-so-rich-as-John-Kerry left-wingers, because John Kerry prefers to leave the money sitting in the bank still unspent??????
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