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Fascist Apartment Managers

YAY! Last night my apartment management completely wrecked my day by notifying me that my rent was late and if I didn't pay it plus a $50 late fee within three days they were evicting me on December 9th - despite the fact that I in fact had paid it (a day early, even) and I even had the carbon copy of the check in my checkbook to verify that. Naturally I did not see their eviction notice until after the apartment rental office closed for the day, so I was left to spend the night very disturbed by the as-yet-unresolved threat of eviction and the unfair extortion of an extra $50 from me through no fault of my own. I was positive they would refuse to admit that they were the ones who had lost my check. But this morning when the rental office reopened and I went in to complain to them, they said that I was not the only person whose check had been lost this month and that they were therefore admitting fault and canceling the late fee charge. It's a miracle!

Other people's apartment managers do not evict people if their rent is a week late. Other people's apartment managers also do not make insane rules like mine does about how you are not allowed to actually store anything in the outdoor closets on the balconies (the outdoor closets must remain empty at all times, as they are purely for decorative purposes apparently), and you are not allowed to put any inanimate object anywhere on the balconies (potted plants are insubordination!), and you are not allowed to put anything in your windows that might make your windows look in any way distinguishable from your neighbors' windows when seen from outdoors (everyone must look alike! to display signs of individuality would bring down the property values! nobody wants to live in a neighborhood with non-robots for neighbors!), and you are not allowed to have garbage in your wastebaskets on inspection day because if you do they will cite you for not taking out the garbage (hey, proper robots do not consume anything or create any garbage in the first place), and you are not allowed to have your windows closed or your blinds drawn on inspection day because if you do they will cite you for a lack of "fresh air and sunshine." My apartment management is fascist.

But my apartment management has also never previously been known to admit they did anything wrong and forgo their claims to excess money. I never thought they were capable of it. OMNG I JUST WITNESSED FASCISTS ADMITTING THEY MADE A MISTAKE!!!!
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