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Coming Out, Continued

Yesterday when I was printing out things for my parents, I got up and went into the kitchen to put more paper in the printer, but I forgot that I'd been making a weak attempt at mopping my kitchen floor earlier, so I slipped in a puddle of water and fell flat on the kitchen floor bumped my left upper arm against the kitchen counter on the way down. I can't find the slightest visible sign of injury, but my arm hurts something awful, so I think it's one of those deep-down bruises that will rise to the surface in a few days in all its blue-green-purple-red-yellow glory. (It's such fun having skin so pale it's transparent.) It's not a bone bruise though; I had one of those in my last semester of college on the same arm and that was worse.

This morning I've been reading over the six-volume never-finished coming-out letter that I began composing during my senior year of college and have been intermittently revising and updating ever since. I just want to say right now to my past selves who wrote this letter, and I hope that wherever past selves go when they die, they're all safely gathered somewhere that they all can hear me, I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN WORDS WILL EVER BE ABLE TO EXPRESS!!!! THANK YOU SO VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH FOR COMPOSING THIS BEAUTIFUL LETTER FOR ME AHEAD OF TIME AND SAVING ME ALL THIS WORK!!!!!!

Ahem. Yes. Planning ahead is a wonderful thing. Don't ever forget that.
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