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LjArchive Regressive Imagery Analysis

When the Regressive Imagery Analysis plugin is loaded into the ljArchive program which cacahuate helpfully made me aware of, "it scans every word in every journal entry and keeps a tally of the percentage of words in the journal that fall into each category. This tally of percentages is sent to a server so that it can be standardized against the pool of results. This gives the measurements more meaning - achieving .00023 for a category frequency means very little until it is understood in the context of the rest of LiveJournal."

Here's the program's analysis of my journal:

Custom Categories
Regressive Imagery Analysis for queerbychoice's journal
Compared to: Everyone
DRIVE (Orality/Anality/Sex)23.5%23.5%
Orality (e.g. breast, drink, lip)24.7%24.7%
Anality (e.g. sweat, rot, dirty)37.9%37.9%
Sex (e.g. lover, kiss, naked)57.2%57.2%
SENSATION (Touch/Taste/Odor/Sound/Vision/Cold/Hard/Soft)32.7%32.7%
Touch (e.g. touch, thick, stroke)61.9%61.9%
Taste (e.g. sweet, taste, bitter)61.3%61.3%
Odor (e.g. breath, perfume, scent)29.2%29.2%
General Sensation (e.g. fair, charm, beauty)74.7%74.7%
Sound (e.g. hear, voice, sound)27.9%27.9%
Vision (e.g. see, light, look)34.8%34.8%
Cold (e.g. cold, winter, snow)36.8%36.8%
Hard (e.g. rock, stone, hard)46.7%46.7%
Soft (e.g. soft, gentle, tender)43.9%43.9%
DEFENSIVE SYMBOLIZATION (Passivity/Voyage/Random Movement/Diffusion/Chaos)58.6%58.6%
Passivity (e.g. die, lie, bed)54.8%54.8%
Voyage (e.g. wander, desert, beyond)67.8%67.8%
Random Movement (e.g. wave, roll, spread)38.3%38.3%
Diffusion (e.g. shade, shadow, cloud)47.9%47.9%
Chaos (e.g. wild, crowd, ruin)52.7%52.7%
REGRESSIVE COGNITION (Unknown/Timelessness/Consciousness Alteration/Brink-passage/Narcissism/Concreteness)57.9%57.9%
Unknown (e.g. secret, strange, unknown)46.9%46.9%
Timelessness (e.g. eternal, forever, immortal)78.2%78.2%
Consciousness Alteration (e.g. dream, sleep, wake)35.9%35.9%
Brink-passage (e.g. road, wall, door)53.8%53.8%
Narcissism (e.g. eye, heart, hand)60.9%60.9%
Concreteness (e.g. at, where, over)57.0%57.0%
ICARIAN IMAGERY (Ascend/Height/Descend/Depth/Fire/Water)58.8%58.8%
Ascend (e.g. rise, fly, throw)25.8%25.8%
Height (e.g. up, sky, high)75.8%75.8%
Descend (e.g. fall, drop, sink)68.8%68.8%
Depth (e.g. down, deep, beneath)72.5%72.5%
Fire (e.g. sun, fire, flame)63.8%63.8%
Water (e.g. sea, water, stream)21.4%21.4%
SECONDARY (Abstraction/Social Behavior/Instrumental Behavior/Restraint/Order/Temporal References/Moral Imperative)74.3%74.3%
Abstraction (e.g. know, may, thought)73.8%73.8%
Social Behavior (e.g. say, tell, call)58.0%58.0%
Instrumental Behavior (e.g. make, find, work)44.5%44.5%
Restraint (e.g. must, stop, bind)84.4%84.4%
Order (e.g. simple, measure, array)72.6%72.6%
Temporal References (e.g. when, now, then)52.9%52.9%
Moral Imperative (e.g. should, right, virtue)74.7%74.7%
EMOTIONS (Positive Affect/Anxiety/Sadness/Affection/Aggression/Expressive Behavior/Glory)71.2%71.2%
Positive Affect (e.g. cheerful, enjoy, fun)30.3%30.3%
Anxiety (e.g. afraid, fear, phobic)66.4%66.4%
Sadness (e.g. depression, dissatisfied, lonely)49.1%49.1%
Affection (e.g. affectionate, marriage, sweetheart)66.3%66.3%
Aggression (e.g. angry, harsh, sarcasm)96.7%96.7%
Expressive Behavior (e.g. art, dance, sing)23.8%23.8%
Glory (e.g. admirable, hero, royal)48.6%48.6%
What does this mean?

So, it appears based on the words I use in my journal that I have more interest than most people in (in ascending order of apparent importance to me according to the analysis): chaos, temporal references, brink-passage, concreteness, sex, social behavior, passivity, narcissism, taste (!!!), touch, fire (I think here the program is picking up references to the name of my first ex, Flame), affection, anxiety, voyage, descent, depth, order, abstraction, general sensation, moral imperative, height, timelessness, restraint and aggression.

And it appears that I have one hell of an extraordinary interest in writing about aggression. Um, is it all the antiwar entries that are contributing to that? It must be more than that too. Well, with all those aggression words, I guess it's a good thing I threw in so many words about restraint to accompany them.

Also, ljArchive's other plugins include a "post frequency analyzer," which informs me that my journal shows a continuous steady trend of me posting less and less frequently (really? I had no idea), and a "word count analyzer," which informs me that the all-time top 25 words I've used in my journal that are not listed on the program's "common words" list are: actually (970 times), sex (889 times), I'd (724 times), Mikie (679 times), queer (592 times), anyone (585 times), list (572 times), someone (566 times), anyway (557 times), lot (530 times), today (485 times), car (435 times), parents (412 times), LiveJournal (371 times), Jeremy (370 times), favorite (362 times), sexual (334 times), haven't (320 times), David (310 times), extremely (305 times), absolutely (296 times), entire (294 times), Frank (290 times), female (280 times) and Gayle (277 times).

That's one hell of a lot of references to Mikie. And I'm a little frightened that "David" made the top 25 words list too, since I'm sure the majority of Davids I've referred to are Bowie.
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