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The Yay-I-Am-Now-Employed Shopping Trip

This evening I went on my yay-I-am-now-employed shopping trip, to buy the things I had been putting off buying until I had a reliable supply of monetary income. Now I'm going to show you what I bought, and also, in the process, placate certain people who keep requesting more pictures of me (Hi, spiritofnow).

I needed new bedding, rather desperately. Less than a week ago I saw this blanket (the one wrapped around me in the picture below) and I nearly bought it, but then I thought, "But how horrible if I don't get the job and then every time I look at the blanket the sight of it will remind me that I bought it in anticipation of being hired and then I didn't get hired after all!" So I decided to wait and come back for it if I got hired. But it was the only one of its type in the store. When I went to the store today it was still there, but right in front of me a woman picked it up and put it in her cart. My blanket! The only one in the store! She didn't leave with it though; she stood in the aisle for another ten minutes thinking about it, so I shopped for everything else and then came back and she was still there and I decided to stand around in nearby aisles until she left, and eventually she put the blanket back on the shelf and left without it (much like I did last week). So now it's my blanket! It's gorgeous and the digital camera doesn't really do it justice at all. It's a subtle mixture of bluish-to-purplish shades, all iridescent and shiny. And it is made of rayon and polyester, which is important because usually all the pretty blankets are made of acrylic and I can't use them because acrylic makes my skin itch.

I still needed more bedding than that, though, so here's the other one I got (again, wrapped around me). This one is 100% polyester and it is shiny satin-textured, royal purple on one side and pale pink on the reverse side. And it has little circular decorative stitches on the purple side, which you can see one of in the picture. It was prominently labeled "what any teenage girl will love," but that's okay because I do not mind having the tastes of an overgrown teenage girl.

You may be noticing a purple trend here. I have distinct purple tendencies. This is my new purple lamp. The lampshade is not new; the new lamp didn't come with a lampshade so I just kept the lampshade from the old lamp.

And lastly, because I felt like it, I bought a little $2 plant called a "Neanthe Bella Palm." It's probably cruelty to plants for me to ever be allowed to buy any plant ever, since I have never yet known myself to be able to keep any plant alive for more than a week - but this particular plant says it prefers dim indirect light, which means I can keep it inside where I'll see it regularly and maybe this will remind me to try to keep it alive. For $2, I figured it was worth a try.

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