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Women Writers

Yesterday I was reading a list of "the 110 most banned books" that someone posted on LiveJournal and noticed how few women writers were on the list. I counted them: there are 11 of them. 11 banned books written by women, out of 110 banned books total. In order of rank from highest to lowest, these are the women authors listed: Harriet Beecher Stowe, Anne Frank, Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Katherine Paterson, Sylvia Plath, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Margaret Atwood.

"But what's your point?" you may be wondering. "It's a list of the most frequently banned books! Are you complaining that people don't censor women often enough? It's not as though some sexist or group of sexist compiled a list of 'the literary canon' and deliberately omitted women from it! It's just the books that got most frequently banned!" Well, actually, it isn't. Some googling revealed that whoever turned the list into a LiveJournal/blog meme originally took it from the Online Computer Library Center website's ranking of banned books. The OCLC website explains, "This is a list of the titles that both made it to the OCLC Top 1000 list and have been banned according to the 4 volumes in the Banned Books: Censorship Histories of World Literature series." Interestingly, the OCLC website does not bother to explain on that page what exactly the "OCLC Top 1000 list" is, nor to link to it from that page (despite the fact that it's posted elsewhere on their website and when mentioning a different page of your own website it really makes sense to link to it), which initially leaves the impression that the "OCLC Top 100 list" might be a list of the top 1000 banned books. But it isn't. Further searching revealed that The OCLC Top 1000 List is a list of "the intellectual works that have been judged to be worth owning by the 'purchase vote' of libraries around the globe."

What this amounts to, then, is a list of "banned books" that deliberately includes only the ones that are most popular and well liked by librarians, and omits the books that the librarians themselves "censored" (in a manner of speaking) by opting not to buy them. So, it's a list of the top 110 Banned-But-Not-Really-All-That-Banned Books, a list designed to direct readers searching for revolutionary books toward safer, authority-approved books while making readers think they've gotten their hands on stuff the authorities didn't want them to.

Reading the first 100 of the Top 1000 revealed that only nine of the top 100 books most frequently purchased by libraries are written by women. I then checked the whole first half of the list. Of the top 500 books most frequently purchased by libraries, 59 were written by women. The women in question are these, in order of rank from highest to lowest: Emily Brontë, Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Anne Frank, Louisa May Alcott, Anna Sewell, Jane Austen again, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Johanna Spyri, Jane Austen yet again, L. M. Montgomery, Beatrix Potter, Margery Williams Bianco, Harper Lee, George Eliot, Willa Cather, Kate L. Turabian, Margaret Mitchell, George Eliot again, Edith Wharton twice, Madeleine L'Engle, J. K. Rowling, Irma Rombauer, Pearl S. Buck, Edith Granger, Willa Cather again, Dame Daphne Du Maurier, Marjorie Rawlings, J. K. Rowling again, Toni Morrison, Helen Keller, Helen Gardner, Alice Walker, J. K. Rowling again, Toni Morrison again, Maya Angelou, Willa Cather again, Isak Dinesen, Margaret Wise Brown, Mildred D. Taylor, Jane Austen two more times, Lorraine Hansberry, Katherine Paterson, J. K. Rowling again, Edith Wharton again, Mary Mapes Dodge, Betty Smith, Sylvia Plath, Margaret Drabble, Jane Austen yet again, George Eliot again, Natalie Babbitt, Toni Morrison again, Carol Ryrie Brink, Edith Hamilton, and Rachel Carson.

This adds up to a little under 12% of the books most purchased by libraries being written by women. Now, I realize that many of the books written by men that appear on the list were written in previous centuries when women had (far more so than they still have now) drastically less opportunity to write and/or get published than men did, which could explain some of the inequality - but I don't think it explains all of it. I don't have the time or energy right now to attempt to determine the dates of publication of the books on that list written by men versus the dates of publication of the books written by women and verify whether there are more books on the list written by men that were published in the last, say, 25 years than books written by women that were published in the same time period, but I suspect that there are - because I personally tend to read overwhelmingly books written in the past 25-50 years, and I keep noticing continually, despite having already made frequent mental notes to strive to correct it, that my own reading lists seem to contain two to three times as many male authors as female authors. And I don't think I'm personally biased against female authors, but if I'm not, then it appears that the people I get my recommendations from or the people they get their recommendations from or somebody somewhere along the line is.

So, I finally got frustrated enough with all this to search the Internet thoroughly for a list of great female authors, in order to make a new LiveJournal book meme that will increase awareness of female authors. There are various such lists to choose from, but the one I liked best was the list from the book 500 Great Books by Women: A Reader's Guide by Erica Bauermeister, Jesse Larsen, and Holly Smith. The reasons I liked it best are that it's extremely racially and internationally diverse, it includes plenty of women writers of previous centuries (there are a lot more of them than the libraries are buying!), and it's mostly limited to serious adult reading materials (although there are a few instances of trashy genre fiction included that make the literary snob in me gape in horror). This is not any type of scientifically selected top 500 list; it's just the 500 books chosen by the three co-authors of 500 Great Books by Women. But I do like their selections, and I would like to see this meme spread because I think it will give a whole lot of people who are in the habit of considering themselves "well read" serious pause for thought when they find that they haven't even read 20 of the 500 great books by women.

Bold the ones you've read, italicize the ones you read parts of. Bold or italicize only the author's name if you've read (or read parts of) a different book by that author. Or make up your own system, whatever.

Abbott, Shirley: Womenfolks: Growing Up Down South
Abou-Saif, Laila: A Bridge Through Time
Ackerman, Diane: A Natural History of the Senses
Adisa, Opal Palmer: Bake-Face and Other Guava Stories
Agosin, Marjorie: Scraps of Life
Aidoo, Ama Ata: Changes
Alcalá, Kathleen: Mrs. Vargas and the Dead Naturalist
Alcott, Louisa May: Little Women
Alegría, Claribel: Family Album
Alexander, Meena: Nampally Road
Alkali, Zaynab: The Stillborn
Allen, Paula Gunn: Grandmothers of Light: A Medicine Woman's Sourcebook
Allende, Isabel: The House of the Spirits
Allison, Dorothy: Bastard Out of Carolina
al-Shaykh, Hanan: Women of Sand and Myrrh
Alvarez, Julia: How the García Girls Lost Their Accents
Anderson, Jessica: Tirra Lirra by the River
Ang, Li: The Butcher's Wife
Angelou, Maya: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Anshaw, Carol: Aquamarine
Anzaldúa, Gloria, et al. eds.: This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color
Appachana, Anjana: Incantations and Other Stories
Appleman-Jurman, Alicia: My Story
Ariyoshi, Sawako: The Twilight Years
Armin, Elizabeth von: Enchanted April
Armstrong, Penny, with Sheryl Feldman: A Midwife's Story
Arrow, Harriet: The Dollmaker
Atwood, Margaret: Cat's Eye
Austen, Jane: Emma

Austin, Mary: The Land of Little Rain
Ba, Mariama: So Long a Letter
Bambara, Toni Cade: Gorilla, My Love
Banti, Anna: Artemisia
Baranskaya, Natalya: A Week Like Any Other
Barker, Pat: Regeneration
Barnes, Djuna: Nightwood

Barry, Lynda: The Good Times Are Killing Me
Bateson, Mary Catherine: Composing a Life
Baylor, Byrd: Yes Is Better Than No
Bazán, Emilia Pardo: The House of Ulloa
Beaman, Libby and Betty John: Libby
Beckett, Mary: A Belfast Woman
Bedford, Simi: Yoruba Girl Dancing
Behn, Aphra: Oroonoko, the Rover and Other Works
Belenky, Mary Field et al. eds.: Women's Ways of Knowing: The Development of Self, Voice, and Mind
Bender, Sue: Plain and Simple
Bergland, Martha: A Farm Under a Lake
Bevington, Helen: The World and the Bo Tree
Bielenberg, Christabel: Christabel
Binchy, Maeve: Circle of Friends
Bird, Isabella: A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
Birtha, Becky: Lover's Choice
Bishop, Elizabeth: Elizabeth Bishop: The Collected Prose
Blanchet, M. Wylie: The Curve of Time
Blew, Mary Clearman: All But the Waltz
Blum, Arlene: Annapurna
Bok, Sissela: Alva Myedal
Bombal, María Luisa: New Islands and Other Stories
Bovard, Wendy, with Gladys Milton: Why Not Me? The Story of Gladys Milton, Midwife
Boyd, Blanche: The Revolution of Little Girls
Bradley, Marion Zimmer: The Mists of Avalon
Brand, Dionne: Sans Souci and Other Stories
Brant, Beth: Mohawk Trail
Britain, Vera: Testament of Youth
Broner, E. M.: A Weave of Women
Brontë, Anne: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Brontë, Charlotte: Jane Eyre
Brontë, Emily: Wuthering Heights
Brookner, Anita: Hotel du Lac
Brooks, Gwendolyn: Maud Martha
Browder, Catherine: The Clay That Breathes
Brown, Elaine: A Taste of Power
Brown, Rita Mae: Six of One
Brown, Rosellen: Street Games
Brownmiller, Susan: Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape
Buck, Pearl S.: Pavilion of Women
Bugul, Ken: Abandoned Baobab: The Autobiography of a Senegalese Woman
Bulkin, Elly; and Smith, Barbara: Yours in Struggle: Three Feminist Perspectives on Anti-Semitism and Racism
Bumiller, Elisabeth: May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons: A Journey Among the Women of India
Burford, Barbara: The Threshing Floor
Burke, Fielding: Call Home the Heart
Burney, Fanny: Evelina
Burns, Olive Ann: Cold Sassy Tree
Butler, Octavia: Kindred
Byatt, A. S.: Possession
Cameron, Anne: Child of Her People
Campbell, Bebe Moore: Sweet Summer
Campbell, Maria: Halfbreed
Campobello, Nellie: Cartucho/My Mother's Hands
Canfield, Dorothy: The Home-Maker
Carlisle, Andrea: The Riverhouse Stories
Carson, Rachel: The Silent Spring
Carter, Angela: Saints and Strangers
Cary, Lorene: Black Ice
Castedo, Elena: Paradise
Castellanos, Rosario: City of Kings
Castillo, Ana: The Mixquiahila Letters
Català, Victor: Solitude
Cather, Willa: My Antonia
Chang, Jung: Wild Swans
Chávez, Denise: The Last of the Menu Girls
Cheong, Fiona: The Scent of the Gods
Chermin, Kim: In My Mother's House
Childress, Alice: Like One of the Family: Conversations from a Domestic's Life
Chopin, Kate: The Awakening
Christie, Agatha: Murder on the Orient Express
Chukovskaya, Lydia: Sofia Petrovna
Cisneros, Sandra: The House on Mango Street
Cleage, Pearl: Deals with the Devil and Other Reasons to Riot
Cliff, Michelle: The Land of Look Behind
Cofer, Judith Ortiz: Silent Dancing
Coleman, Wanda: A War of Eyes and Other Stories
Colette: My Mother's House
Collett, Camilla: The District Governor's Daughters
Collins, Patricia Hill: Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment
Colwin, Laurie: The Lone Pilgrim and Other Stories
Condé, Mayse: I, Tiruba, Black Witch of Salem
Conway, Jill Ker: The Road from Coorain
Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth: The Power of Horses and Other Stories
Cook, Blanche Wiesen: Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume One
Cooper, Anna Julia: A Voice from the South
Cooper, J. California: Homemade Love
Cornelisen, Ann: Women of the Shadows: Wives and Mothers of Southern Italy
Cornell, Virginia: Doc Susie
Cowan, Ruth Schwartz: More Work for Mother: The Ironies of Household Technology from the Open Hearth to the Microwave
Craven, Margaret: I Heard the Owl Call My Name
Cummins, Maria Susanna: The Lamplighter
Daneshvar, Simin: A Persian Requiem
Dangarembga, Tsatsi: Nervous Conditions
Darling, Diane: The Painted Alphabet
Das, Kamala: My Story
Davidson, Robyn: Tracks
Davis, Angela Y.: Women, Culture, and Politics
Davis, Rebecca Harding: Life in the Iron Mills and Other Stories
de Beauvoir, Simone: The Second Sex
de Jesus, Carolina Maria: Child of the Dark
de la Parra, Teresa: Mama Blanca's Memoirs
de la Peña, Terri: Margins
de Monteflores, Carmen: Singing Softly/Cantando Bajito
de Pizan, Christine: The Book of the City of Ladies
de Queiroz, Rachel: Dora, Doralina
Deem, Ariella: Jerusalem Plays Hide and Seek
Deledda, Grazia: Cosima
Deloria, Ella Cara: Waterlily
Desai, Anita: Clear Light of Day
Dew, Robb Forman: Fortunate Lives
Dickens, Monica: One Pair of Hands
Didion, Joan: After Henry
Dillard, Annie: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
Dinesen, Isak: Out of Africa

Ding Ling: Miss Sophie's Diary
Ditlevsen, Tove: Early Spring
Doerr, Harriet: Stones for Ibarra
Donofrio, Beverly: Riding in Cars with Boys: Confessions of a Bad Girl Who Makes Good
Drabble, Margaret: The Gates of Ivory
Drakulic, Slavenka: How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed
Drew, Eileen: Blue Taxis
du Maurier, Daphne: Rebecca
Dunbar-Nelson, Alice: The Works of Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Volume I
Duncan, Jane: My Friend Annie
Duras, Marguerite: The Lover
Durova, Nadezhda: The Cavalry Maiden
Eckart, Gabriele: Hitchhiking
Edgell, Zee: Beka Lamb
Edgeworth, Maria: Castle Rackrent
Ehrlich, Gretel: The Solace of Open Spaces
Ekström, Margareta: The Day I Began My Studies in Philosophy and Other Stories
El Saadawi, Nawal: Two Women in One
Eliot, George: Middlemarch
Emechta, Buchi: Second Class Citizen
Enchi, Fumiko: The Waiting Years
Erdrich, Louise: Tracks
Ernaux, Annie: Cleaned Out
Esquivel, Laura: Like Water for Chocolate
Ewald, Wendy: Magic Eyes
Faderman, Lillian: Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America
Fakinou, Eugenia: The Seventh Garment
Fall, Aminata Sow: The Beggars' Strike
Faludi, Susan: Backlash
Farmaian, Sattareh Farman, with Dona Munker: Daughter of Persia: A Woman's Journey From Her Father's Harem Through the Islamic Revolution
Fern, Fanny: Ruth Hall and Other Writings
Fernea, Elizabeth Warnock: Guests of the Sheik: An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village
Fields, Mamie Garvin, with Karen Fields: Lemon Swamp and Other Places
Fisher, M. F. K.: Sister Age
Flagg, Fannie: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe
Forster, Margaret: Lady's Maid
Foster, Hannah Webster: The Coquette
Frame, Janet: Owls Do Cry
Frank, Anne: The Diary of a Young Girl
Franklin, Miles: My Brilliant Career
Fraser, Antonia: Mary, Queen of Scots
Fraser, Sylvia: My Father's House: A Memoir of Incest and of Healing
Freedman, Marcia: Exile in the Promised Land: A Memoir
Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins: Pembroke
Gallagher, Tess: The Lover of Horses
Gallant, Mavis: Pegnitz Junction
Garcia, Cristina: Dreaming in Cuban
Garnbaro, Griselda: The Impenetrable Madam X
Gaskell, Elizabeth: Mary Barton
Gibbons, Kaye: Ellen Foster
Gibbons, Stella: Cold Comfort Farm
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins: The Yellow Wallpaper
Gilroy, Beryl: Frangipani House
Ginzburg, Eugenia Semyonovna: Journey Into the Whirlwind
Ginzburg, Natalia: The Little Virtues
Glancy, Diane: Claiming Breath
Glasgow, Ellen: Virginia
Gluck, Sherna Berger: Rosie the Riveter Revisited: Women, the War, and Social Change
Go, Shizuko: Requiem
Godwin, Gail: The Odd Woman
Goldberg, Vicki: Margaret Bourke-White
Golden, Stephanie: The Women Outside
Goldman, Emma: Living My Life
Goodfield, June: An Imagined World: A Story of Scientific Discovery
Gordimer, Nadine: Burger's Daughter
Gornick, Vivian: Fierce Attachments: A Memoir
Grafton, Sue: "G" is for Gumshoe
Grau, Shirley Ann: The Keepers of the House
Greene, Melissa Fay: Praying for Sheetrock
Griffin, Susan: A Chorus of Stones: The Private Life of War
Grody, Kathryn: A Mom's Life
Guerin, E. J.: Mountain Charley
H. D. (Hilda Doolittle): HERmione
Hagedorn, Jessica: Dogeaters
Hale, Janet Campbell: The Jailing of Cecelia Capture
Hall, Radclyffe: The Well of Loneliness
Hamilton, Jane: The Book of Ruth
Hareven, Shulamith: Twilight and Other Stories
Harrison, Barbara Grizzuti: Italian Days
Hasselstrom, Linda: Windbreak
Haushofer, Marlen: The Wall
Head, Bessie: Collector of Treasures and Other Botswana Tales
Hegi, Ursula: Floating in My Mother's Palm
Heilbrun, Carolyn: Writing a Woman's Life
Hellman, Lillian: Three
Herrera, Hayden: Frida
Hewett, Dorothy: Bobbin Up
Hodge, Merle: Crick Crack, Monkey
Hoffman, Alice: Seventh Heaven
Hogan, Linda: Mean Spirit
Hong, Lady: Memoirs of a Korean Queen
hooks, bell: Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black
Hossain, Rokeya Sakhawat: Sultana's Dream and Selections from The Secluded Ones
Houchins, Sue E., ed.: Spiritual Narratives
Hua, Chuang: Crossings
Hubbell, Sue: A Country Year
Hull, Helen R.: Islanders
Hulme, Keri: The Bone People
Humphreys, Josephine: Rich in Love
Hunter, Kristin: God Bless the Child
Huong, Thu Duong: Paradise of the Blind
Hurston, Zora Neale: Moses, Man of the Mountain
Huxley, Elspeth: The Flame Trees of Thika
Ione, Carole: Pride of Family: Four Generations of American Women of Color
Jackson, Helen Hunt: Ramona
Jackson, Shirley: The Lottery and Other Stories
Jacobs, Harriet: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
James, Siân: A Small Country
Jen, Gish: Typical American
Jewett, Sarah Orne: The Country of the Pointed Firs
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer: Heat and Dust
Jie, Zhang: Love Must Not Be Forgotten
Johnson, Cathy: The Nocturnal Naturalist
Johnson, Josephine: Now in November
Johnson, E. Pauline: Moccasin Maker
Jones, Gayl: Corregidora
Kadohata, Cynthia: The Floating World
Karodia, Farida: Coming Home and Other Stories
Kartini, Raden Adjeng: Letters of a Javanese Princess
Kaschnitz, Marie Luise: Circe's Mountain
Keane, Molly: Queen Lear
Keckley, Elizabeth: Behind the Scenes
Kelley, Edith Summers: Weeds
Kincaid, Jamaica: A Small Place
Kingsolver, Barbara: The Bean Trees
Kingston, Maxine Hong: The Woman Warrior

Kirkland, Caroline: A New Home - Who'll Follow?
Klepfisz, Irena: Dreams of an Insomniac
Kogawa, Joy: Obasan
Konecky, Edith: Allegra Maud Goldman
Kusz, Natalie: Road Song
Lafayette, Madame de: The Princess of Cleves
Lagerlöf, Selma: The Löwensköld Ring
Laird, Carobeth: Limbo
Larsen, Nella: Passing
Laurence, Margaret: The Stone Angel
Lavin, Mary: Mary O'Grady
Le Guin, Ursula K.: Dancing on the Edge of the World
Lee, Mary Paik: Quiet Odyssey
Lee, Sky: Disappearing Moon Cafe
Lee, Harper: To Kill a Mockingbird
Lembke, Janet: River Time
L'Engle, Madeleine: The Summer of the Great-Grandmother
Lessing, Doris: The Fifth Child
Lim, Catherine: Or Else, The Lightning God and Other Stories
Lisle, Laurie: Portrait of an Artist
Lispector, Clarice: The Hour of the Star
Lively, Penelope: Moon Tiger
Loewenstein, Andrea Freud: The Worry Girl
López-Medina, Sylvia: Cantora
Lord, Bette Bao: Spring Moon
Lorde, Audre: Sister Outsider
Lowell, Susan: Ganado Red
Loy, Rosetta: The Dust Roads of Monferrato
Luban, Marianne: The Samaritan Treasure
Lucas, María Elena, with Fran Leeper Buss: Forged Under the Sun/Forjada Bajo el Sol
Macdonald, Barbara; and Rich, Cynthia: Look Me in the Eye: Old Women, Aging and Ageism
Maddox, Brenda: Nora
Magaia, Lina: Dumba Nengue
Maillet-Joris, Françoise: Cordelia and Other Stories
Maillet, Antonine: The Devil Is Loose
Mairs, Nancy: Plaintext
Makdisi, Jean Said: Beirut Fragments
Malette, Louise, et al., eds.: The Montreal Massacre
Mansfield, Katherine: The Garden Party and Other Stories
Markandaya, Kamala: Nectar in a Sieve
Markham, Beryl: West with the Night
Marshall, Paule: Prairiesong for the Widow
Martinac, Paula: Out of Time
Martinson, Moa: Women and Appletrees
Mathee, Dalene: Fiela's Child
Mayor, F. M.: The Rector's Daughter
McCarthy, Mary: The Group
McClung, Nellie L.: Purple Springs
McCullers, Carson: The Member of the Wedding
McDonald, Cornelia Peake: A Woman's Civil War: A Diary, with Reminiscences of the War, from March 1862
McMillan, Terry: Disappearing Acts
Mead, Margaret: Blackberry Winter
Mehta, Gerta: A River Sutra
Menchú, Rigoberta: I, Rigoberta Menchú
Meriwether, Louise: Daddy Was a Number Runner
Michaëlis, Karin: The Dangerous Age
Miller, Sue: Family Pictures
Millett, Kate: The Loony-Bin Trip
Minatoya, Lydia: Talking to High Monks in the Snow: An Asian American Odyssey
Mirante, Edith T.: Burmese Looking-Glass
Mohr, Nicholasa: Rituals of Survival: A Woman's Portfolio
Moody, Anne: Coming of Age in Mississippi
Moraga, Cherrie: Loving in the War Years
Morales, Aurora Levins; and Morales, Rosario: Getting Home Alive
Morgan, Sally: My Place
Morrison, Toni: Beloved
Moskowitz, Faye: And the Bridge Is Love
Muhanji, Cherry: Her
Mukherjee, Bharati: Jasmine
Munro, Alice: Lives of Girls and Women
Murdoch, Iris: The Bell
Murie, Margaret: Two in the Far North
Murray, Pauli: Proud Shoes
Naranjo, Carmen: There Never Was a Once Upon a Time
Navarre, Marguerite de: The Heptameron
Naylor, Gloria: Mama Day
Ng, Fae Myenne: Bone
Ngcobo, Lauretta: And They Didn't Die
Nijo, Lady: Confessions of Lady Nijo
Nunukul, Oodgeroo: Stradbroke Dreamtime
Nwapa, Flora: Efuru
Oates, Joyce Carol: Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart
O'Brien, Edna: Lantern Slides
O'Connor, Flannery: A Good Man Is Hard to Find
Olsen, Tillie: Silences
Ortese, Anna Maria: The Iguana
Ozick, Cynthia: The Shawl
Page, Myra: Daughter of the Hills: A Woman's Part in the Coal Miners' Struggle
Paley, Grace: Later the Same Day
Parker, Dorothy: The Portable Dorothy Parker
Peters, Ellis: The Potter's Field
Peterson, Brenda: Living by Water: True Stories of Nature and Spirit
Petry, Ann: The Street
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart: The Story of Avis
Phelps, Ethel Johnson: Maid of the North
Philip, Leila: The Road Through Miyama
Piercy, Marge: Woman on the Edge of Time
Plath, Sylvia: The Bell Jar

Porter, Katherine Anne: Flowering Judas
Prager, Emily: Eve's Tattoo
Pratt, Minnie Bruce: Yours in Struggle
Pratt, Minnie Bruce: Rebellion
Prichard, Katherine Susannah: Coonardoo
Prince, Mary: The History of Mary Prince
Pruitt, Ida: A Daughter of Han: The Autobiography of a Chinese Working Woman
Pym, Barbara: Excellent Women
Rachlin, Nahid: Veils
Ratushinskaya, Irina: Grey Is the Color of Hope
Read, Miss: Storm in the Village
Rhys, Jean: After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie
Rice, Anne: Cry to Heaven
Rich, Adrienne: Of Women Born
Richardson, Henry Handel: The Getting of Wisdom
Rifaat, Alifa: Distant View of a Minaret
Robins, Elizabeth: The Convert
Robinson, Marilynn: Housekeeping
Rodoreda, Mercè: The Time of the Doves
Ronyoung, Kim: Clay Walls
Rossi, Cristina Peri: The Ship of Fools
Rossiter, Margaret L.: Women in the Resistance
Rule, Jane: Memory Board
Rush, Rebecca: Kelroy
Russ, Joanna: How to Suppress Women's Writing
Sagan, Françoise: Bonjour Tristesse
Sahgal, Nayantara: Rich Like Us
Saki, Jessica K.: From the Lanai and Other Stories
Sand, George: Indiana
Sandel, Cora: Cora Sandel: Selected Stories
Sarraute, Nathalie: Childhood
Sarton, May: The Magnificent Spinster
Sasaki, R. A.: The Loom
Sasson, Jean P.: Princess Sultana's Daughters
Savage, Georgia: The House Tibet
Schaefer, Carol: The Other Mother: A Woman's Love for the Child She Gave Up for Adoption
Scherer, Migael: Still Loved by the Sun: A Rape Survivor's Journal
Schlissel, Lillian: Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey
Schoultz, Solveig von: Heartwork
Schreiner, Olive: The Story of an African Farm
Schwaiger, Brigitte: Why Is There Salt in the Sea?
Schwarz-Bart, Simone: The Bridge of Beyond
Seacole, Mary: Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands
Sedgwick, Catharine: Hope Leslie
Senesh, Hannah: Hannah Senesh: Her Life and Diary
Shange, Ntozake: Sassafrass, Cypress and Indigo
Sharp, Paula: The Woman Who Was Not All There
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft: Frankenstein
Sherman, Charlotte Watson: Killing Color
Shields, Carol: Various Miracles
Sidhwa, Bapsi: Cracking India
Sidransky, Ruth: In Silence: Growing Up Hearing in a Deaf World
Silko, Leslie Marmon: Ceremony
Simpson, Mona: Anywhere But Here
Sinclair, Jo: The Changelings
Skram, Amalie: Constance Ring
Smedley, Agnes: Daughter of Earth
Smiley, Jane: A Thousand Acres
Smith, Lillian: Strange Fruit
Somerville, E., and Martin Ross: The Irish R.M.
Sone, Monica: Nisei Daughter
Sonneman, Toby: Fruit Fields in My Blood: Okie Migrants in the West
Sontag, Susan: AIDS and Its Metaphors
Southworth, E.D.E.N.: The Hidden Hand, Or, Capitola the Madcap
Spark, Muriel: The Girl of Slender Means
Spender, Dale: Man Made Language
Spofford, Harriet Prescott
Stead, Christina: The Little Hotel
Steedman, Carolyn Kay: Landscape for a Good Woman
Steen, Edla: A Bag of Stories
Stein, Gertrude: The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
Sternburg, Janet, ed.: The Writer on Her Work
Stowe, Harriet Beecher: Uncle Tom's Cabin
Straight, Susan: I Been in Sorrow's Kitchen and Licked Out All the Pots
Tan, Amy: The Kitchen God's Wife
Tate, Claudia: Black Women Writers at Work
Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia: Tahuri
Tekin, Latife: Berji Kristin
Tey, Josephine: The Daughter of Time
Ticasuk: The Roots of Ticasuk
Tokarczyk, Michele, ed.: Working-Class Women in the Academy: Laborers in the Knowledge Factory
Tolstaya, Tatyana: On the Golden Porch
Trambley, Estaela Portillo: Rain of Scorpions and Other Stories
Truitt, Anne: Daybook
Tsushima, Yúko: Child of Fortune
Tuchman, Barbara E.: A Distant Mirror
Tuqan, Fadwa: A Mountainous Journey: An Autobiography
Ty-Casper, Linda: Awaiting Trespass
Tyler, Anne: Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher: A Midwife's Tale
Undset, Sigrid: Kristin Lavransdatter
Valdivieso, Mercedes: Breakthrough
Valenzuela, Luisa: The Censors
Varawa, Joana McIntyre: Changes in Latitude
Vicens, Josefina: The False Years
Villanueva, Alma Luz: The Ultraviolet Sky
von Herzen, Lane: Copper Crown
Walker, Alice: Possessing the Secret of Joy
Walker, Margaret: Jubilee
Walker, Mildred: Winter Wheat
Wallis, Velma: Two Old Women: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival
Walters, Anna Lee: Talking Indian: Reflections on Survival and Writing
Warner-Vieyra, Myriam: Juletane
Warner, Sylvia Townsend: Lolly Willows
Wassmo, Herjørg: The House with the Blind Glass Windows
Watanabe, Sylvia: Talking to the Dead
Weldon, Fay: Praxis
Wells, Ida B.: Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells
Wells, Rebecca: Little Altars Everywhere
Welty, Eudora: One Writer's Beginnings
West, Dorothy: The Living Is Easy
West, Rebecca: The Fountain Overflows
Westfall, Patricia Tichenor: Real-Farm
Wettlin, Margaret: Fifty Russian Winters: An American Woman's Life in the Soviet Union
Wharton, Edith: The House of Mirth
Wiggins, Marianne: John Dollar
Wilder, Edna: Once Upon an Eskimo Time: A Year of Eskimo Life Before the White Man Came, as Told to Me by My Wonderful Mother Whose Name Was Nedercook
Williams, Terry Tempest: Refuge
Wilson, Harriet E.: Our Nig
Wing, Avra: Angie, I Says
Wittig, Monique: The Straight Mind (and Other Essays)
Wittmer, Margaret: Floreana
Wollstonecraft, Mary: A Vindication of the Rights of Women
Wong, Jade Snow: Fifth Chinese Daughter
Woolf, Virginia: Three Guineas
Wright, Sarah E.: This Child's Gonna Live
Yamamoto, Hisaye: Seventeen Syllables and Other Stories
Yamashita, Karen Tei: Through the Arc of the Rain Forest
Yezierska, Anzia: Bread Givers
Youngblood, Shay: The Big Mama Stories
Yourcenar, Marguerite: Dear Departed
Zassenhaus, Hiltgunt: Walls
Zernova, Ruth: Mute Phone Calls and Other Stories
Zitkala-Sa: American Indian Stories
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