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Good Songs and Annoying Commercials

"Choosing to love is risking a lot
and trying to change and to give all you've got.
But don't pretend it comes out of the blue -
you take a chance and see it through.
And if it's refused what can you do?
Continue hopefully? Start anew?

Lick your wounds, buy your booze.
You won't get drunk by accident - you'll choose.
Don't blame him for refusing your bid.
He didn't decide to love. You did."

     —The Pet Shop Boys, "You Choose," Release, 2002
I bought that album yesterday. I don't understand how I managed to fail to buy any Pet Shop Boys album until so long after it was first released, but apparently I did. It won't happen again.
Such queer by choice lyrics!

Speaking of queer by choice issues, somebody is interviewing me for a student newspaper at Dublin University in Ireland this week. He emailed me questions and I have to write answers and email them back. I'm beginning to think I prefer real-time interviews where I just say everything I can in a limited amount of time until the interview is over. It can be annoying to not have time to say everything I wanted to say, but on the other hand, having days and days to write my answers causes me to feel a need to write more elaborate answers, resulting in more work for me to do.

On another subject: Has anyone else here seen the Hershey's commercial where some guy is complaining to some other guy that women are all crazy, stupid, utterly lacking in the slightest rational behavior or ability to be reasoned with in any way, and the other guy agrees but adds that he finds it very convenient that women have no brains because it means that all he has to do to get them to do anything he wants is to wave a little chocolate in front of them - and then he adopts a ridiculous high-pitched parody of a female voice moaning near-orgasmically at the sight of chocolate, "Ohhhh myyyy goshhh, chocccolaaaaate, I loooooooove chocccolaaaaaaate . . ."? It's the single most offensive commercial I've seen in the past 10 years. Granted, I watch TV so rarely that I haven't seen the majority of commercials that have been broadcast in the past 10 years, but . . . let's just say, I don't feel like buying Hershey's anymore. I like chocolate very well, but I prefer to obtain it from companies that do not proclaim me subhuman.

Today is my first day of work. I would be at work already except that they told me not to come to work until 10:30 the first day because the people who are going to train me have to drive to Sacramento from their separate office two hours away and they won't arrive until 10:30. So these are my last few hours left at home.
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