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Mass Murder

Um, I don't think I could possibly say it any better than Black_Pearl said it, so I'll let her handle this one.

I'm sorry that I don't have the energy to grieve anymore right now. I'll try to do it later.

I'd also like to refer everyone to Barraged's journal entry from two days ago, about how the CIA predicted a 100% likelihood that another major terrorist attack against American civilians would occur in the near future if the American government started bombing Afghanistan.

The American government has now bombed Afghanistan anyway. American civilians, prepare to to be retaliated against.

Oh, and . . . to anybody in need of a quiet woodland retreat in which to get away from it all and attempt to regain your own sanity while the rest of the world continues getting less sane with every day that passes, I highly recommend that you visit Princess Mononoke. (Thanks to Frank Episale for the link.)
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