Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote,
Gayle Madwin

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Everything I Hear Sounds Faint and Muffled

Both my ears have been plugged all day today. Yesterday only one of my ears was plugged, but today it's both of them. This causes me to poke and prod at them continually in a futile effort to unplug them, which has absolutely no effect whatsoever. Not even the very tiniest momentary effect! I've never known my ears to be so uninterruptedly plugged for so long. This clearly implies that I'm sick. But I do not feel sick. There's nothing the slightest bit wrong with me other than the fact that both of my ears are quite hopelessly plugged.

It's really rather startling to find out just how annoying the loss of an actually quite insignificant amount of body function can be, even in the absence of any pain or physical discomfort of any kind.
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