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R.I.P. Andrea Dworkin

I absolutely cannot understand how, two and a half days after Andrea Dworkin died, only 13 English-language news sources (as far as I can tell from Google News) have even mentioned her death - and of those, only 8 are mainstream American news sources, all 8 of which are running identical copies of the Associated Press story. I mean, I certainly never expected the media to act very sad about her death, but I did think they'd at least bother to gloat about it. Not to just ignore the event. She did have some pretty significant effects on the world, you know, quite regardless of whether you consider those effects to have been mostly good or mostly bad. And even some of her very worst enemies would concede that she did a great deal of good along with (what they regard as) the bad. Even Susie Bright, who says - accurately or inaccurately, I do not know - that Andrea Dworkin had actually called for her (Susie Bright's) assassination, paid a surprisingly warm tribute to Andrea Dworkin in her blog today.

For the record, I personally disagree with rather significant portions of Andrea Dworkin's politics. However, the mere fact that she survived some of her traumatic experiences at all has been inspirational to quite a few people who are very important to me. Most especially, she's meant the world and a half to Mikie, and right now I can only imagine (at least until the time comes when I hear that David Bowie died) what Mikie must be feeling right now. I think that the death of an idol can hurt every bit as deeply as the death of a friend or a family member one actually had a two-way personal relationship with.

I'm also sorry that I have not yet actually read any of Andrea Dworkin's books - particularly because when someone has so persistently had statements falsely attributed to her that she did not say, it's very dangerous to try to comment on her without having read any of her books oneself.
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