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Digital Camera!

Consider this a public service notification: whatever you do, don't ever trust FedEx to deliver valuable packages. I just came home to find a box containing my brand new $160 digital camera ($175 if you count the price of shipping) sitting unguarded at the front door of my apartment complex (in a run-down, theft-prone neighborhood, too, where I've previously had some of my mail stolen!), despite the fact that the instructions both on the package and on the FedEx website very clearly noted that the deliverer was supposed to obtain a signature from me confirming that I received it.

(I'm actually pleased that FedEx proved so untrustworthy, since it wasn't stolen, and since in the past when they've been terrible stickers for getting signatures to confirm receipt of a mere $20 CD, I've had to telephone them and ask them to hold it at their office the next day, wait until the next day, and then drive all the way into the next county in order to pick the thing up myself. But the only reason I'm pleased is that nobody stole it before I got home.)
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