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Photographic Tour of My Apartment Complex

I barely had time to finish photographing my own apartment complex today before the day ran out of daylight for me to photograph by, but I'm very pleased to be able to bring you my first-ever set of photographs from my brand new HP Photosmart 935xi digital camera. (I just noticed a funny thing about that hyperlink there - they seem to have raised the price $10 immediately after I bought it. Perhaps I made them realize what a steal it was?)

The original photographs from this camera are immense, so considering that I use dial-up Internet access, there's no way I'd ever upload all the full-size originals. But I'm still uploading larger pictures than I typically have in the past, because the pictures are so much more worthy of being displayed at a large size than any of my previous pictures have been.

And now, let me take you on a tour of my apartment complex, where I've lived for the past six years. I've never had the opportunity to photograph it before, because my previous extremely cheap digital camera was incapable of functioning when further than ten feet from my computer, but I've long wished for such an opportunity. I have many complaints about my apartment complex - moldy interiors, fascist management, crime-prone neighborhood - but you'll never hear me complain about its landscaping. As you're about to see, it's gorgeous.

The natural place to begin a tour of my apartment complex is at an entrance gate, so here's a nice pretty entrance gate to start at, with an ivy-covered arch over it.

My bedroom window looks out over this pool. There's also another pool in my apartment complex, but it's smaller and further away.

Below is a path. It goes past the larger and nearer of the two pools. It's pretty.

The staircase you can see in this next picture leads up to the landing outside my apartment, although my apartment itself is actually on the far side of the landing (overlooking the pool), not visible from this side of the building.

If the groundskeeper didn't keep cutting the ivy back, my entire apartment complex would soon transform itself into one of those enchanted fairy-tale castles that no one can get in or out of or find at all anymore under all the ivy that's grown over it.

I rarely wander around this side of my apartment complex, but I did today, and look! I found a picnic table!

Along the back of my apartment complex there's a chain-link fence with redwood slats woven through the middle of it, and on the other side of the fence is a drainage ditch. It's actually a surprisingly pretty drainage ditch, but it was terribly difficult to photograph, because I'm just not tall enough to be able to photograph over the top of the fence, and the redwood slats prevent me from being able to get a foothold in the chain links. But the roots of this tree gave me something to stand on in order to get high enough, as long as I was willing to photograph through the tree branches.

Below is the chain-link fence with the redwood slats woven through it. And the pretty trees and bushes all around.

I found a plant growing in a drain in the parking lot, and decided to photograph it.

Oh, and here's my car. So if you ever pass me on a street somewhere, you'll know it's me.

(That was a strangely technological, anticlimactic ending to a post that was otherwise so full of greenery. Oh well.)
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