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Angry Sleep-Deprived Gayle

Dear Whoever Decided That the Deafeningly Loud Garbage Truck Should Arrive at My Apartment at 6:05 in the Freaking Morning and Make Deafeningly Loud Crashing Noises for the Next 45 Minutes, Resulting in My Not Being Able to Get Back to Sleep for the Next Hour and a Half, After Which I Have to Get Up and Go to Work, and Who Also Decides That It Should Arrive Rather Earlier Every Week Than I Have the Slightest Need to Wake Up, Although Not Usually Nearly This Early,

We need to have a talk. And it won't be a friendly one. In fact, I suggest that you dress in full-body armor to show up for the talk, because otherwise I might hurt you.


P.S. Okay, now that I actually drove halfway to work and back, the unusual emptiness of the streets eventually reminded my sleep-deprived mind that I don't actually need to wake up today at all, which is now a very necessary thing since, thanks to you, I am no longer capable of remaining awake for the next eight hours. But you are now guilty of forcibly awakening me at 6:05 a.m. on a holiday. Although I realize that perhaps you are exhibiting your road rage about being forced to work at all on a holiday (presuming that you're actually the person who was driving the truck at all, which is not necessarily the case), I am most certainly not the person who made the decision to force you to work. And even if your intention was to direct your rage at every single person who receives a holiday from work today, I think you should be informed that although I do have a day off work, it is an unpaid holiday for me, and I had no choice about whether to accept the unpaid holiday or not, just the same as you possibly had no choice about whether to be deprived of the unpaid holiday or not. So really, you have absolutely no business inflicting your rage upon me, and I RESENT IT.
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