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ciarajanae and rekraft have both recently ordered me to do the meme where you're supposed to list six of your current favorite songs. I really don't want to, because I don't think of my favorites in terms of songs, and not usually even in terms of albums, but rather in terms of artists. So I've been studiously ignoring both of them. However, completely ignoring rekraft might run a risk of lessening my chances of someday persuading em to sleep with me, and that would be a tragedy indeed. So on second thought, I've decided to make at least some sort of effort.

Conveniently, I've purchased a bunch of CDs rather recently. Guess how many of them? Exactly six! And they've all turned out to be quite enjoyable. I think, therefore, that it will be reasonable to list them in response to this meme. Unfortunately, I can't possibly choose an individual favorite song from each of them - I haven't even faintly begun to mentally separate them into individual songs yet, so my only perception of them is as albums. So I will just list the albums.

1. Dear Catastrophe Waitress by Belle & Sebastian. I had never heard a single song by Belle & Sebastian before buying this album, but so many dozens of people kept recommending them to me that I just decided to buy it anyway. This turned out to be a good decision. I now understand why so many people recommended them.

2. Vespertine by Bjork. vi_kka will be especially pleased about this one. This makes a total of about four Bjork albums in my collection now.

3. The Complex by Blue Man Group. I became a fan of Blue Man Group by happening to see them live, simply because they were one of the opening acts on a tour that David Bowie was also on. They impressed me live, and they continue to impress me on CD.

4. Life for Rent by Dido. I discovered Dido only due to the fact that someone once managed to talk me into buying an Eminem album, which was really rather unpleasantly abrasive, and just about the only portion of it I enjoyed were the samples from Dido. So I cleverly figured out that it would be wiser to buy Dido albums instead of Eminem albums with samples of Dido on them.

5. Uh Huh Her by P. J. Harvey. wordspore will be especially pleased about this one. This makes a total of about four P. J. Harvey albums in my collection now.

6. Hail to the Thief by Radiohead. For some reason, one of the first computerized recommendations that tends to come up when you tell any website that you're crazy about David Bowie is Radiohead. I own several Radiohead albums and have never become any sort of crazy fanatic of them the way I am about David Bowie. However, they're pleasant enough, and I do enjoy them. This one, too.
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