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Lazy Frank

I caught Frank Aqueno online on AIM this evening and emailed him (because he doesn't like being interrupted on AIM unless he's scheduled chatting time in advance) a half-page letter updating him on my life and asking where he is, whether he's back home or still in Santa Barbara. His response was like a telegram:

I can't believe this man dared to question me a week ago as to how I could dare refer to him (and I did it in quite a tolerant tone) as "lazy." Good goddess - I've never met anyone in my life who's so obsessed with conserving energy with each and every keystroke.

And on top of that, he watches Oprah and HGTV with almost religious devotion. Not lazy? Not lazy??? Who are we kidding here? I mean, he did have the sense to stop arguing with me after I pointed out examples of his laziness and reassured him that the conservation of personal energy can be a useful skill - but I just can't believe I have to explain these things to him. Silly, silly man.
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