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Pretentious Arty Photos of My Apartment Complex in the Dark

Because I'm jealous of rekraft's ability to take such pretentiously arty photos all the time, whereas I seem to have been specializing in conventional pretty nature photos, it has become necessary to try to take some pretentiously arty photos of my own. Although I've previously posted photographs of my apartment complex, this new round of photos of it will be an effort to see it through less conventional eyes. And in the dark this time - because everything less conventional is more willing to come out in the dark.

The light on my balcony is covered with spiderwebs. Spiderwebs and light are sort of pretentious, right?

Every night when it gets dark, the sprinklers automatically turn on. Frequently one of them breaks and starts sending a solid stream of water directly up 20 feet in the air, very noisily and if I can catch one of them doing that, it would probably make a great picture. But none of them would agree to do it on command for me, so I just tried to photograph these perfectly functional sprinklers instead.

This is a mailbox with a key in it. Are locks and keys pretentious? The building in the distance lit by orange light looks kind of pretentious.

This is the mail area. The door you see here leads to the exercise room - and if you think it looks interestingly shiny here, just wait until you see the next two pictures.

My camera has a "night" setting for extra-long exposure in order to let more light in. The problem with this setting is that unless you put the camera on a tripod, your hand is likely to shake a little while the shutter is open, which produces big zigzag lines around all the lights. However, the advantage of this is that big zigzag lines around all the lights can sometimes be arty and pretentious. So I took this photograph through the glass door of the exercise room, with the "night" setting turned on. You can kind of see the shadow of an exercise bicycle in there, but not much else is recognizable.

This is a photo of a different section of the exercise room, still photographed through the door with the "night" setting on. I don't understand what produced the strange pale polka dots everywhere.

Here we have the pool. In the dark.

California state laws are big on notifying people of the existence of dangerous chemicals, but not so big on actually getting rid of the dangerous chemicals. The result is a lot of signs posted everywhere that serve little purpose other than to increase everyone's stress levels. I rather like how the eerie green light next to this one (which is posted by the pool) helps contribute to its effect.

There are bathrooms by the pool, with gender-symbol signs on them. I turned my camera's "night" setting back on in hopes of symbolically deconstructing the gender labels.

This is the extremely friendly kitty who lives downstairs from me. He's stretched out on his owners' fence, and he's looking rather depressed because I stopped petting him to take his picture, and he much preferred the petting to the picture-taking.

And this is the extremely unfriendly kitty who lives across the hall from the friendly one. The two of them spend much of their time trying to kill each other. This one would never have let me get near enough to take a picture like this at all, except that I cleverly stood very still while he was running to get away from some other random passerby, so he didn't see me and he ran toward me. The flash from the camera caused him to notice me though, so he didn't allow me any second chances to try for a better photo of him, such as one where his eyes wouldn't be glowing. That's all right though, because spooky glowing eyes are kind of appropriate for him.

This concludes today's effort at pretentiousness. Go pet a kitty now. If you can't find a kitty to pet, I recommend looking at electronblue's photos of two-day-old kittens until you're driven to start petting your computer monitor and filling in the purring noises yourself.
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