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Cool Kids and Nice People

Some girl just knocked persistently on my front door. I opened it. She shoved a white card into my hand and screamed "Have a nice day!!!" while dashing off down the stairs. Scarcely had I closed the door when a different girl started knocking on it. I opened it, and she shoved another white card into my hand, screamed "Have a nice day!!!" and again dashed off down the stairs.

The cards are business cards for a local health care clinic. However, the typed business card sides have been scribbled over with green marker, and the reverse sides have been redecorated as the "business cards" below. Apparently it's very, very important to spread the word that three girls named Christina, Nataliya and Ella are "Cool Kids" and "Nice People." So I'm just passing along this important information.

On the other hand, next time you're in the market for businesses specializing in "Cool Kids" and "Nice People," please do remember that one of the three is apparently not sufficiently dedicated to the success of this business to come and knock on my door for yet a third time. And everybody knows that no proper American business can hope to make it big if they only barge into the privacy of your home to inflict their self-promotional advertising on you twice during a single dinnertime.
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