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Broken Sprinkler Pictures

At random but rather frequent times, random sprinklers throughout my apartment complex abruptly cease sprinkling in their usual manner (small drops, widely spread horizontally, no more than three feet off the ground, very quiet) and turn into huge towers of water more than twice my height (big drops, hardly any horizontal spread, extremely noisy). When this happens, the sprinkler in question tends to continue behaving this way every night for about a month, before someone notices it and fixes it. One time it happened to a sprinkler right above my car's assigned parking space, which was marvelously convenient because it meant my car got free car washes every night for a month - but then the management fixed it, so now the sprinkler by my car doesn't go high enough to wash anything but the front bumper anymore.

Anyway, right now it has happened to a sprinkler I can see from my bedroom window. And lilerthkwake demands pictures, so pictures she shall get!

As seen from my balcony:

Another view from my balcony:

The view from the ground outside my apartment:

The view from under the birch tree, with the camera turned sideways:

The view from the second-floor landing of a nearby apartment, with the camera turned sideways (and with some drops of water on the camera lens, I think):

With the extra-long exposure "night" option on, and setting the camera on a fence nearby to hold it steady:

(Yes, I did also try the extra-long exposure when not holding the camera steady, with streaks of light everywhere; but I didn't like any of those.)

Kneeling nearby and photographing upward toward the birch tree:

A spherical lamppost (the large white circle) through the water:

In this whole set of pictures, I really like how the birch leaves look so similar to the size and shape of the drops of water.
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