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Public Opinion Polls from

I'm quoting only the minority opinion's percentage in all of the polls below . . . you can, of course, calculate the majority opinion's percentage by subtracting the minority percentage from 100%.
6% do not "support the U.S. attacks on targets in Afghanistan" that occurred yesterday
9% say Congress should not "declare war on terrorists and the countries that harbor them"
10% say the U.S. should "strike only those responsible for the attacks" rather than "all nations that sponsor terrorism"
12% say the U.S. should not "place 'air marshals' on all flights"
12% say the U.S.'s military response should not "include the use of ground troops"
13% say Tom Brokaw is "right not to wear American flag pins or ribbons on the air"
17% do not want to "allow U.S. authorities to indefinitely detain legal aliens suspected of having ties to terrorist groups"
17% do not want to "allow pilots to carry handguns"
17% say the military should not "put the lives of innocent civilians abroad at risk"
22% say the U.S. "should not attack Iraq"
23% say America "should not attack Afghanistan"
27% say America does not "need a national I.D. card system"
31% say the "new anti-terrorism laws should expire in two years"
32% say the U.S. should not "expand The Justice Department's power to wiretap telephones, conduct searches and seize assets"
32% say the "Politically Incorrect" show "should not be cancelled" [read: censored!] due to Bill Maher "calling past US action 'cowardly'"
35% say constitutional rights are being trampled in the name of patriotism
36% oppose a constitutional amendment banning flag-burning
My observations:
  • Much larger minorities of people seem to oppose infringement upon Americans' right to privacy and freedom of speech than oppose infringement upon Afghanis' right to not be mass murdered (boy, talk about nationalistic prejudice . . .)
  • Slightly more people are eager to attack Iraq than are eager to attack Afghanistan (um . . . are we into complete random bloodthirstiness these days? Do Americans not only not understand the difference between "Afghan civilians" and "Taliban terrorists," but also not even understand the difference between "Afghanistan" and "Iraq" as located on a map?)
  • Although 23% of respondents had answered "no" to the earlier poll which asked simply "Should America attack Afghanistan?" before any actual bombings of Afghanistan had begun, only 6% of respondents have answered "no" to the brand new poll that opened yesterday and asked specifically if respondents "support the U.S. attacks on targets in Afghanistan" that occurred yesterday.
But if you want to be more severely disturbed, there's always John Aravosis's article "Should America Use Nukes?" on
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