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A Seriously Decomposed Car

Today I read a news article online stating that 500 acres practically right next door to where I live burned down yesterday. Luckily, the 500 acres contained nothing much that anybody will miss; the news article says it was just 500 acres of dead grass. But since the fire was right in my neighborhood, and since it was safely extinguished yesterday, I wanted to go look at the burned area. So I drove to the exact intersection that the fire was supposedly nearest to, and looked around . . . but there wasn't a blackened field anywhere in sight, as far as I could see. Did I blink and miss 500 acres? Apparently by being "near" this intersection, what the news article really meant was that it was miles and miles away from the intersection but there was just no other intersection between this one and the fire. I sure do live in the middle of nowhere.

However, while driving around in the middle of nowhere, I did find something else to photograph. I found the most severely decomposed car I've ever seen in my life. I wonder how long a car has to sit by the side of a road before it gets this bad. It looks like it may have been burned at some point.

My first sight of it:

Closer up:

Think if we have a look under the hood, we might be able to get it working again?

The pieces of its windshield look curiously like broken wine bottles - they somehow manage to look both greener and more curved than I would expect of a car windshield.

Care to sit down in the remains of the front seat?

Or maybe you'd prefer the back seat?

I never realized car doors could wilt like cut flowers.

I wonder what color this car started out being.

Judging by the lettering still etched above what used to be its back bumper, I can tell you it started out as a Chevrolet Camaro.

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