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Happy 29th Birthday Dear Me

Guess who turns 29 today?

In the year that has passed since my previous birthday, I have accomplished all of the following:
  • Getting laid off (last July 26th)
  • Getting a new job that's a zillion times better than the old one in nearly every possible way, including more money, fewer hours, less to do within those hours, more fun stuff to do when there is stuff to do, nicer coworkers, etc.
  • Surviving just about every imaginable twist and turn in my relationship with chisparoja and ending up, no, not sexually involved anymore, but better friends than ever (and while we're on the topic of my previous birthday, Mikie, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AGAIN for what you did a year ago today)
  • Both starting and ending an ill-fated effort at romance with spiritofnow
  • Meeting the beautiful and mysterious (albeit somewhat decreasingly the latter) rekraft in person
  • Spending time in person (not for the first time) with chisparoja and rhekarid
  • Meeting (not in person) a bunch of people on LiveJournal, like, let's see, afro76, alcibiades, arlan_bishop, bay_bus_rider, becksterminator, belle_laidebootdoodle, c_in_hiding, cacahuate, charolastra, comeoneileen, darthlorexa, deconstructya, dieppe, dine, dobrovolets, dzuunmod, esk, faintpraise, felixthequeer, frou_frou_dyke, ingole, inthealong, jet, keryx, kurohime, lady_bug69, laurenhat, lilerthkwake, mellowtomysoul, normlessness, personunknow, picassolette, puddledive, pure_agnostic, rfmcdpei, sadboyq, saltbox, skandy, solitary_summer, subtleparadox, the_familiar, yareach, and zdamiana
  • Buying a far better digital camera than I've ever had before
  • Buying a frightening number of books
  • Resuming usage of the public libraries
  • Managing, for the first time in my life, to keep a plant alive for weeks and even months on end (The $2 neanthe bella palm in my cubicle at work is not only still alive but actually sprouting new branches!)
  • Getting well acquainted with the breadmaker I received for my last birthday
  • Reading, um, well, all but two of the books I received for my last birthday (I still haven't read Lorrie Moore's Birds of America or Julian Jaynes's The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind) along with all but two and a half of the books I received last Christmas (I still haven't read Aimee Bender's An Invisible Sign of My Own or Ismat Chughtai's My Friend, My Enemy, and I still haven't finished and really wonder if I ever will finish Julio Cortazar's Rayuela in the original Spanish), and a dizzying array of other books besides
  • Writing a year's worth of LiveJournal entries (Hey, that's hard work!)
  • Writing 14,100 words of my novel, increasing its total word count from 36,700 to 50,800 (You know, I hadn't realized until I looked back through my old drafts of it just now how much progress I did make on it this year. I'm still not at any sort of pace to win a NaNoWriMo or JulNoWriMo or any of those things, but I am picking up speed considerably compared to the previous five years when I wrote about 500 words total all five years combined. Go me!)
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