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BBC Sensation-Seeking Quiz

Thrill and adventure seeking - you score 4 out of 10
This consists of items expressing desires to engage in sports or activities involving some physical danger or risk such as mountain climbing, parachute jumping, scuba diving, speeding in a car, etc. [These questions were hard for me to answer because I don't tend to be exactly afraid of a lot of such activities, but I don't tend to be exactly interested in them, either. It's more as though I find them boring, really - they seem like such meaningless risks to take, being purely physical, and taken for no greater purpose than the desire for risk itself.]

Experience seeking - you score 7 out of 10
This describes the desire to seek new experiences through the mind and senses by living in a nonconforming life style with unconventional friends, and through travel. [It does not surprise me that I scored highest in this one. I did, after all, choose to be queer!]

Disinhibition - you score 2 out of 10
This describes the need to disinhibit behaviour in the social sphere by drinking, partying and seeking variety in sexual partners. [In that case, how did I even manage to score 2 in it?]

Boredom susceptibility - you score 3 out of 10
This indicates an aversion for repetitive experience of any kind, routine work, or even dull or predictable people. Other items indicate a restless reaction when things are unchanging. [Well, I do eat pasta-roni for dinner nearly every single night. But hey, I eat different flavors of it! And at least I certainly don't share my mother's tendency to watch her favorite movies over 500 times in a row and read her favorite books over equally many times.]

Your total sensation seeking score is 16 out of 40

Sensation seeking is a personality trait expressed in behaviour as a tendency to seek varied, novel, complex and intense sensations and experiences and to take physical risks for the sake of having such experiences. These experiences could take the form of extreme adventure activities such as skydiving, snowboarding and mountain climbing. But the trait can also express itself in high drug, alcohol or tobacco use.

Men generally score higher than women on the total score and on all the subscales except Experience Seeking. [Do women score higher in that, or just equally high? And what are the average scores for each? For that matter, what's the average score for humans in general? What's the point of a quiz result that doesn't tell me a thing about how I compare to the average?] Sensation Seeking Scale scores increase during childhood, peak in the late teens or early twenties, and thereafter decrease steadily with age. [Yeah, I think I've somewhat noticed mine declining already. What causes that? Is it a biologically preprogrammed process or does it have anything to do with not having very much to lose? Because people in their teens and early twenties tend to be old enough to find living with their parents extremely confining, and young enough to not have any other options yet - thus, they tend to be rather dissatisfied with their lives.]

People with similar scores on the Sensation Seeking Scale also tend to be more romantically compatible with each other. [And this information, when combined with the fact that males tend to have higher scores than females, should serve to remind us all of the immense advantages of turning queer!]

Divorced males score higher than single and married males, and divorced and single females score higher than married females. [But why can't you even be bothered to tell us exactly what their scores are, so that I could know where mine fits in?]

Take the BBC Sensation-Seeking Quiz (. . . or not)
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