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Search Terms Meme

I think the best LiveJournal memes are always the ones that allow me to spy on other people's activities - with their permission, but without them having known at the time they were actually conducting the activities that they would later be making such activities public. For that reason, I must definitely promote this one. It works like this: Go to the Google homepage, or the homepage of whatever search engine you use most often. Type the letter A into the search box, and let the AutoComplete function suggest search terms you've searched for before that began with that letter. Write them down. Repeat for each letter of the alphabet. Then show other people what you've been searching for.

(I also typed in a quotation mark and distributed the AutoComplete suggestions for that throughout the alphabet, because I just can't get enough of being spied upon.)

A afghans afghanis; americans can't face the fact that sex is not a matter of rigid categories; "an agony. as now"; andy quan; anthony powell
B bert archer queerbychoice; blue green shimmers dress; books queerbychoice; bright velvet; brimstone sulfur; but i always have and still do consider myself queer
C camaro "first manufactured"; canon literary; cardigan; chandler burr queerbychoice; creme "chocolate cream pie"; cosmicomics italo calvino
D denton welch; distance calculator; dura brain
E earth circumference; "educational level" degree; edward swift; ethical corporations
F favorite books queerbychoice; "final generation"; flavor additive; frank madeloni
G geoff ryman; great books; girl hug dog
H heinrich von kleist; "high temperatures" weather; homosexuality nor heterosexuality necessarily correspond; hung hanged
I i refuse to recognize the terms hetero-, bi- and homo-sexuality; i think extreme heterosexuality is a perversion; if anyone had ever told me that he hadn't; interests livejournal tools
J james purdy; "j. michael bailey" "is a heterosexual"; "just deserts" desserts
K keys fire
L labels are for filing. labels are for clothing. labels are not for people; literacy canada singapore wikipedia; livejournal interests; livejournal interests friends; livejournal interests normal; livejournal interests specialist; livejournal tools
M martha davis; mary gaitskill; mosquitoes; mukhtaran bibi donate; murdered transgendered
N name "william carlos williams"; "no child left in him"; "nonviolent communication" test; not because we can't choose to love in any other fashion
O orchids symbolism
P pathan muslim; pathan sunni; peacock rayon; peacock sweater; peacock velvet; purple purse; purple velvet
Q queerbychoice
R robberies women downtown sacramento
S salman rushdie married times; "same-sex marriage" economic; shyam selvadurai; simon levay; sweater
T "the female man" "statutory rape"; the male party line concerning lesbians; "there is no forgetfulness" neruda; tom spanbauer; "toxoplasma gondii" americans
U "u.s. citizens" "september 11th"; u.s. width
V violet purse
W weather; "write for instance the night is full of stars" translated
Y yoke oxen
Z zero exponent
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